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Downwell Android Review

Downwell launched on iOS back in the heady mists of four months ago, and wow did it have performance issues if you had anything other than a top of the range device. The frame rate was about as smooth as Helena Bonham-Carter's thighs...


Correction: Konami is shit.


Tony The Tiger vs Furry Porn vs Chester Cheetah

"Hey, Tony the Tiger, I want to see if you have stripes under those shorts!" Said no-one, ever. Only this is the internet, so they did, on Twitter, at Kellogs' official account, and now the people who make the Tony the Tiger cartoons know t...


White Whales: Dragonslayer Ornstein

Why hello there, Mr. Ornstein.  No, there's no need to look confused. I'm sure you don't remember me. After all, why would you? I'm nothing special. No doubt I'm no different to the thousands of luckless undead on their way through...


Samsung Gear VR Review

When my beloved Android pocket rocket the Nexus 5 suffered death by pavement this week, I had two choices. Upgrade to the slimline, pureblood Nexus 6, or climb back onto the gas-guzzling ponderous juggernaut that is the Galaxy series. ...


I'm thinking of making a Dtoid community podcast called Communitoid. Possibly bi-weekly. Who'd be up for being on it?


I used up all my creative juice for the day designing a game. Now everybody's out blogging, and I'm just sitting here waiting for someone to Steam refund on That Dragon Cancer so they can write a clickbait article.


Man, these Pikmin machines on the Badge Arcade are some SJW bullshit. (That's how it works, right? I don't like it, it's outside my comfort zone and I have no control over it, so I call it SJW and the internet magically makes everything better?)


A big gerbil, if I remember correctly.


I can't be bothered to write fuck all today. Feels good, man. Can anyone give me a good mobile game to get Katamari off my palate?


On this day, we are all Diamond Dogs

<> Because I think we all need it right now. In the words of Tom McRae on Twitter this morning: In the war on mediocrity, we didn't just lose a general. We lost the commander in chief.


Welcome To The Internet Of (Broken) Things

You're looking at Samsung's new fridge. That's not a decal on the right, by the way, it's a GIANT FREAKING TABLET BUILT RIGHT INTO THE DOOR. The idea is that it syncs up with the phone of everyone in the...


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Z list internet comic. I have worked on stuff for podcasts like What A Fool Believes, We Are The Lolocaust, The Monday Movie Show and The Gamescast. I named myself while I was blogging for Tachyon TV. There is a Dr. Who character called "Dalek Sec," only I made it a penis joke. Witty.

I have a Youtube channel where I play terrible mobile games. Sometimes I write and sing funny songs, like the Tailspin theme I rewrote to be about Jonathan Holmes.

Every print magazine and most of the websites I have ever written for have collapsed pyrotechnically within months, making me the Typhoid Mary of games journalism.

I used to write and manage the front page of Encyclopedia Dramatica when it was still good (pre-2008).

I got fired from NTSC-UK once.