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Been playing Lament of Innocence and it's... not that bad? Not heard great things about the 3D Castlevanias but this is alright, apart from the garbage platforming which is only tolerable with to save states.


Visited Paris last week, was very pleased with this goofy-ass lion statue in the Louvre. 11/10, better than Mona Lisa (which you can't even get a good look of).




Hmm ok, Octopath Traveller 2 is going on my wishlist. Haven't played a modern RPG since Bravely Default (in 2017), and it looks so pretty. No idea when I'll get round to it though, I just started GOW Ragnarok... there are too many games.


About 4 hours in and I'm having a pretty good time with Moonscars. It's not as hard as a lot of reviews seem to claim, at least once you get the parry timings down. I wish the music was a bit more interesting; mostly just slow, gloomy strings so far.


Never played Minish Cap for some reason, giving it a go on Switch. It is a good ol' Zelda time so far but... why do these lads look like they're holding bloodied knives behind their backs?


Eternal mood.


Since playing Obra Dinn and now in the midst of Case of the Golden Idol, I've really gotten into the mystery, fill-in-the-blanks type of games. Any other such games Dtoid can recommend?


At work thoughts: Something amusingly morbid about the phrase "HEART FAILURE" typed in Comic Sans.


Axiom Verge 2 is so hot and cold in terms of audio. Music is really great for the most part, but then you have several horrible, grating sound effects which are LOUD. Plus badly mixed levels in general. At least there's an FX slider.


After 250 hours over 10 months, Elden Ring is done and a lot of good times were had doing it. Now to binge 50 lore videos so I can understand wtf was going on.


Which of you degenerates did this?


Steamy Steam Steam


Happy birthday RiffRaff may your day involve much riffing and raffing.


I really wanted to love Super Lone Survivor, but the combat and lack of checkpoints just gets too frustrating. I like it otherwise, but don't have the patience to go looking for the extra content. Ah well.


I mostly play on PC, but the exclusives make PS5 worth it.


Yeah, with Metroid Dread finished last year there's not a lot on my Switch. I still check in with my animal neighbours now and then. Got really into Shinsekai, though I would've got it on PC if it was available.


Finished Horizon FW, so got these two next. Think I'll start with Demon's, though it's gonna be weird going from Elden Ring to this.


I took the plunge and got myself NMS last month for my birthday, and I've been sucked in pretty hard. 30 hours in and I'm having a great time hunting elements to fix up a random ship I found. Spaaaace etc.


Horizon FW is probably the most beautiful game I've played in a while. Vistas galore. Have posted some more pics in the screenshot thread in the forums.


@Alphadeus Listening to your Chill EP this morning. It is good stuff.




After around 20 solo attempts at Malenia, I gave in and summoned my mimic for help, and we eventually took her down. A pretty spectacular if frustrating fight, love her design. Might take another break from ER to get Horizon finished now though.


It's that time again when I watch a load of No Man's Sky videos and try to figure if I'd like it. Seems like a procedural Subnautica on a bigger scale and in space? Might give it a go after Elden Ring.


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