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Stray was a nice time. Despite some frustration getting lost in the slums, and simplistic puzzles, it was charming enough to keep me playing. Meow meow meow.


Was idle for a few minutes on the title screen and looked up to see this... was a little creeped.


Pussy posse.


Finally, a week off work. Starting to resent the place more due to the transphobic attitudes surfacing lately from an increasing number of co-workers. People suck.


Wow... Glad I still have mine.


The patron saint living his best life.


Finished Shinsekai, was a lot longer than I expected for a cheap indie game and that's not a bad thing. Loved the atmosphere and exploration. Wonder if they'll ever do a PC version.


*Pleased gamer noises*


Well I have successfully whittled down my backlog to 0. So, I managed to get a PS5 ordered on Direct, looking forward to playing the only 3 games I want one for. Though I suppose I can retire/sell the PS4 as well.


Turns out Star Wars Squadrons is actually really good. Love the detail the put into the cockpits, flying feels great with a joystick. Some missions are bullshit, don't like being forced into slow ships, but it's easy to turn the difficulty down for those.


I honestly thought you three were the same person at one point and I don't know why.


This shirt still fits after... 15 years? Wow. Excited to see them tonight.


I am become Elden Tort.


Reached the Plateau (without using the lift), but travelled back to the area south of Limgrave where I hadn't set foot yet and seem to be a bit overlevelled for. Starting to feel the game might be a bit too big? Still, it's a good time.


I only just heard "Blaidd" said out loud in the game, and thought it might be Welsh. So I looked it up the translation and... yeah, dunno what I was expecting.


Thinking of getting Star Wars Squadrons while it's on sale. I got too frustrated with X-Wing Alliance, so wondering if that might scrath the itch for a combat sim in spaaace. Anyone had a good time with Squadrons?


Destructoid more like handsometoid.


How dare they criticise my skele-feng shui.


Nearly 8 years after its digital release, one of my favourite albums is now in CD form. The art is great, I am much pleased.


Very pleased to have found a weapon damage/scaling calculator for ER, now I can figure out which of my weapons will be worth upgrading over time. Will probably still stick with the uchigatana as my main, it's just too good.


57 hours in, level 62, just reached magic academy in Elden Ring. I get so distracted doing open world stuff, about time I got on the main quest track again.


Ok, I'm having a better time with X-Wing Alliance now that I've adjusted the difficulty and cheated through that Y-Wing mission. Hate the slow, sluggish ships, hope there aren't many missions using them.


Damn, quite a few of you died in this place...


Hand update: a bit dry from wearing gloves all day.


Agh, X-Wing Alliance is getting frustrating. Still no checkpoints, often vague objectives, a lot of waiting around or flying between warp points. Might need to turn on invulnerability to enjoy it more.


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