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And Elden Ring beaten and "platted" with all the trophies. Lovely game, and one I'm very glad I got as early as I did. Took me about 130 hours to explore basically everything, and I'm pretty happy with the game overall. Good stuff.


Todays the day folks. Lessee how it be.


Another Ghost track. I'm... probably gonna have to listen to this one several times before I settle on my feelings about it. Albums out in 4 days or so? So we'll see how that be.


It has transpired that I have acquired thing in Elden Ring that is related to a celestial body. And I love thing.


Welp, felt sick yesterday and felt worse today after a fitful night of not sleeping great, so I'm on campus getting an Antigen and PCR test to see if I got the Covid. Joy. Antigen test said no, gotta wait for the PCR test now.


Happy Birthday Limo. Good luck escaping the nightmare hellworld you've entered, and getting back to the other nightmare hellworld so you can play a game set somewhere more appealing than either.


Having played Elden Ring for 28 hours or so, I can confirm that its pretty good yeah. Been having a good time exploring and unraveling stuff. Worlds full of interesting landmarks to explore, things to do, and using the jump for exploration.


Yeah, Elden Rings pretty good. Has some issues on PC for me-sometimes random slowdowns in fights, enemies or npcs disappearing but still being there etc, and some mild performance dips. Buuuut, the games fun and I'm having a good time with it.


That there Alphadeus was kind enough to do a song for me as well! Definitely captured the ambience and feel I was looking for, really appreciate it! Name of the tracks Fishtroid, unsurprisingly.


Dying Light 2 is out this week, and I'm very hopeful that it turns out well. I really like the first one and I'm itching for more zombie parkour fun.


Looks like Yacht Club Games is doing a new game on KS, Mina the Hollower. Looks like a links awakening inspired game, and seems neat. I'll toss a link in the comments.


Beat Nobody Saves The World. Yeah had a good time-fun art design, some funny lines and ideas, overall form mechanics well done and its good when its making you think about how to mix and match form abilities. Nothing mind blowing but overall I liked it.


Folding Ideas released a video about NFTs, specifically why they're bad, and I'm super here for it.


Been playing Nobody Saves the World and yeah its pretty enjoyable so far. Tis also amusing to see that Drinkbox are also apparently fans of kurzgesagt-in a nutshell.


Apparently the new Ghost album, Impera, is out march 11th. Got a single out even. Intriguing.


Happy Birthday Panda, hope its a good one for ya.


Well what do you know, I got a blog out this year about the games of last year and it didn't take me months to get done like last year! Incremental improvements and all that. Feel free to read my GOTY list if you want, or don't! B Bump


Summary of tonight's first go at Dune the game with frosty and Amna. Managed to win, was a hoot to play.


GM's Tentacled Eldtrich GOTY List of 2021

After 2020, 2021 started with a bold new direction of awful beyond comprehension. I won’t really get into that, but needless to say it was an inauspicious start. However overall 2021 turned out to mostly be a better year than its...


Been playing MH Rise, and yeah I think its enjoyable so far. Its early on so I'll give it time to develop, but it has some solid QoL changes even if I think I prefer World for the most part so far.


Welp, got Rise and I'm waiting for it to unlock so I can get it installed. Might not play much today given I have interview stuff for the next phase of schooling today and tomorrow but eh. We'll see how it be, given that I loved World.


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