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Folding Ideas released a video about NFTs, specifically why they're bad, and I'm super here for it.


Been playing Nobody Saves the World and yeah its pretty enjoyable so far. Tis also amusing to see that Drinkbox are also apparently fans of kurzgesagt-in a nutshell.


Apparently the new Ghost album, Impera, is out march 11th. Got a single out even. Intriguing.


Happy Birthday Panda, hope its a good one for ya.


Well what do you know, I got a blog out this year about the games of last year and it didn't take me months to get done like last year! Incremental improvements and all that. Feel free to read my GOTY list if you want, or don't! B Bump


Summary of tonight's first go at Dune the game with frosty and Amna. Managed to win, was a hoot to play.


GM's Tentacled Eldtrich GOTY List of 2021

After 2020, 2021 started with a bold new direction of awful beyond comprehension. I won’t really get into that, but needless to say it was an inauspicious start. However overall 2021 turned out to mostly be a better year than its...


Been playing MH Rise, and yeah I think its enjoyable so far. Its early on so I'll give it time to develop, but it has some solid QoL changes even if I think I prefer World for the most part so far.


Welp, got Rise and I'm waiting for it to unlock so I can get it installed. Might not play much today given I have interview stuff for the next phase of schooling today and tomorrow but eh. We'll see how it be, given that I loved World.


Streamin some BB for a lil bit. The music got me back into it again.


Now to summon all the energy and willpower I can muster to actually try to write a GOTY thing before 2023.


Its apparently Shantae Half Genie Heros five year anniversary-first game in the series I beat and one I enjoy a reasonable amount. The image below is part of how they chose to celebrate it. Needless to say I was amused and pleased.


And Warframe: The New War complete. Had a good time, lotta fun stuff to be had and iconography. I have my quibbles but theres some interesting stuff going on and teased at so I'm happy overall.


Today, Warframes New War hits. Lookin forward to it, been preppin somewhat for it.


And I have beaten Super Metroid again. Found it a lot more tractable this time, clicked with it better, saved some wildlife. As of this game I've rebeaten all the sidescrolling metroids. Including Dread lol.


Finished the great british baking show with my mom. Always a fun time, specially as someone who enjoys baking themselves. Looking forward to the next one whenever it happens I spose, should maybe go back and watch the older stuff.


Yeah, it takes two is pretty fun. Been playing it with a bud and its a good time that really uses the co op functionality to its advantage. I liked A Way Out, especially the last section, and this is a good follow up mechanics wise.


Now I am become bread, destroyer of waistlines.


Got my booster shot last night, was hoping it wouldn't be too bad and this morning yeah I'm feeling it lol. Ah well.


So Lex gifted me a copy of Bloodstained on PC a week or so ago and I'm already near the true ending. Yeah this is a lovely game and playing it without switch issues is also nice-also the character customization is still so good.


Replaying Super Metroid because its the best Nintendo franchise (don't @ me) and dread gave me big metroid mood. And yeah having a good time replaying it now that I'm more familiar with it, but I forgot what if metroid could run for a bit again.


Just finished Arcane, and yeah it stuck the landing. Aside from some questionable music choices (the orchestral soundtrack was pretty good), its a very well made series. Some really good lines, a lot of interesting ideas and overall I really liked it.


Started replaying DOOM 2016, and man I still adore this damn game. Finding guns early is satisfying as all get out, and it just plays so well.


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