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Beat A2MR, faster than I was expecting but after getting past a block I managed to get it done. Overall, a good time-has a lot of good, some quibbles, makes me wish nintendo wasn't so quick to abandon that artstyle. Samus Returns and then...Dread.


Playing A2MR and Samus Returns on my 2DS at the same time is interesting. I think overall A2MR is better but I still like Samus Returns a lot and I think its good that both exist. Gonna try to beat at least one, hopefully both, of them before Dread.


I've been interested to see this review and now I'm wondering if this is a good bad movie cantidate.


On a bit of a floof kick in warframe, currently.


Apparently Metallicas getting a big album of covers of their songs by various artists for charity. And one of those artists is Ghost covering Sandman so yeah I'll probably grab that song.


Tonight, my fav frame gets primed. Super pumped.


After not working retail for years and not working 8-5 for a long while, today was very exhausting. Still it went by relatively quickly so thats good.


More microbiology. I approve, I approve.


Apparently Wasteland 3 is getting its second and final story dlc: The Children of At-I mean The Cult of The Holy Detonation. Sounds fun and once its out, an excuse to give the game another play through.


Decided to try some demos from New Blood Interactive (the dusk folks) and found them both mildly interesting. Faith and Amid Evil.


Decided to get back into Fallout 4 and start Far Harbor. So far, somewhat interesting. Guess we'll see what be.


Played the Back 4 Blood beta. Overall, fun-could use some more colors but generally the design of things is solid and I like the mutant zombie theme here. Gameplays pretty tight too. I will say the game has some issues though...


Beat Outer Wilds. Pretty good, definitely feels like a game made by folks who love physics and definitely gives off a love of science and exploration.


Outer Wilds continues to impress. Tis a very well done game, with a lot of stuff to explore and noodle out. Feels like I'm approaching the end of things so we'll see how that goes.


Started playing Outer Wilds, since someone got it for me. Didn't know what I was expecting but so far, relatively interesting.


Apparently todays the Metroid day. Interesting to think its been around that long. And is still the best Nintendo franchise don't @ me.


...so I decided to look at the dev for Ruiner to see what they're up to and found a trailer for the new game they're working on. Surprised I didn't hear anything about this till now.


Beat The Ascent. Very flawed, but very good game. Really enjoyed my time with it (I'm a sucker for cyberpunk so that shouldn't be surprising) and I'm glad Amna got it on my radar. Would recommend...after a few patches maybe.


Well look at that, a blog! And it only took (looks at phone) 8 months for me to get around to writing a GOTY blog for last year! And its been more than a year since my last one! Hurray! Read it if you want, or don't! Bump.


GM's fashionably late GOTY list for 2020

2020 was a rough year, and especially in the context of 2021 so far (yeah I’ve taken forever to get this one out) we increasingly see how bad it was behind the scenes. 2021 started out pretty rough too, but things are on the mend...


Good Cyberpunk is always something I just gel with extremely well. The worlds created with it are always so interesting in their unique elements and in their similarities, as well as the mirror they hold up to current society. So yeah, The Ascent is good.


Welp. Amna turned me onto The Ascent which looks like a fun Cyberpunk thing so Imma be streaming that for a bit since its been forever ago that I last streamed. Again.


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