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I've been thinking about Wasteland 3 a lot and hey, the dlc was on sale. So yeah, I bought it and replay has begun.


Thats fishfucker with a Masters Degree in Microbiology to you, tyvm.


The thesis is submitted to the university for edits and eventually binding and printing. I am a step closer to completion, with graduation this weekend.


I didn't realize the Wasteland 3 dlc added new tracks. They are, unsurprisingly, excellent. I should buy the dlc just as an excuse to replay it.


Neat to see Rogue Legacy 2 make it to 1.0, I grabbed it halloween of last year because I liked the first and yeah its been a fun time so far. The review reminded me to return to it, and I managed to K.O. the fourth boss so yeah. Back into the fray lol.


The recent Ubisoft online services going down for certain games made me ask a vitally important question that has plagued humanity for generations. Wheres my goddamn Rayman Legends sequel, you fucks.


I have visited the city I'll be living in, found a beautiful lil downtown area and found an apartment thats a walk away from campus. Today was good.


Happy birthday to one of the weirdest folks I've ever met in my internet travels (weird is good by me), Occams. May it be full of desirable things. And teeth.


I have completed my Thesis Defense. I have to revise and fix my thesis according to committee suggestions, but I basically passed and once it's submitted and approved I can submit it to my uni for further revisions and printing. Tired but is good.


Been playing Condemned: Criminal Origins and yeah its an interesting game so far. Decided to start it up randomly because its in my steam library and while it runs poorly the mystery of whats going on is keepin me goin.


Am buzzed. This is an acceptable state of affairs.


#catturday Hairless cat has started crawling under the blanket and snuggling with me on this visit. Is cute, as is her willingness to be wrapped in blankets as seen here.


As expected, Pathologic 2 has taken a turn for the worse in terms of my fortunes. Beginning to muse on how wise it would have been to prepare to corner a certain market involving lumps of meat of little use to their...previous owners. Still, onward.


Welp. Pathologic 2 sure is interesting so far.


Unsurprisingly, so far Carpenter Bruts new album Leather Terror is pretty good so far. Feels heavier than whats come before in an appealing way as well.


A mysterious bag, has arrived on my doorstep.


Finally got around to playing Superhot (courtesy of Vadicta) and yeah its alright. Has a interesting gimmick and art style, plays well. Pretty short though, and the meta narrative didn't really do much for me so eh.


Since that Harry Potter game was recently a topic of discussion, here's a video I enjoyed about problems with the series generally while also being made sad to be further reminded that a series I was fond of when I was younger has lots of...unpleasantness


Beat Ghostrunner: Project Hel. Some fun twists n turns, relatively short but Ghostrunners eminently replayable and fun so its fine. Overall a good time.


Ghostrunner is good. Ghostrunner: Project Hel is, unsurprisingly, good.


Gettin closer and closer to this thing coming out. Hopefully it turns out well.


And Elden Ring beaten and "platted" with all the trophies. Lovely game, and one I'm very glad I got as early as I did. Took me about 130 hours to explore basically everything, and I'm pretty happy with the game overall. Good stuff.


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