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Alienware recently unveiled their new Switch-but-it's-a-Windows-PC concept, "UFO", at CES a couple days ago. Looks interesting. Performs middling. Will almost certainly be unnecessarily expensive.


With Microsoft and Sony drip-feeding details about their new hardware in a rather unusual manner, and with little known about upcoming software, a question springs to mind: What would it take to get you to buy into this new generation?


The absolute madlad behind the DragonInjector for Switch is at it again with their newest project DragonMMC. This crazy thing allows the system to change between 3 different mSD cards and/or NAND modules at the flick of a switch!


Anyone else not getting Disqus web notifications? It's been nearly a week and I've gotten nothing. No replies, no upvote notifications, nothing. Logging out and back in does nothing. I can still post and upvotes still register though.


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