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My Gaming Story: Why I'm a Gamer

I�ve been gaming for roughly 21 years now. That being said, it may surprise you to know that at the time of this blog I�m only 23 years old. (I�m certain you�re capable of doing the math.) My first game was Super Mario World, and I used to ...


Tipping Hats and Wagging Fingers

Welcome back to another installment of my colorblind-awareness series. Since last time I covered the basics of the issue at hand, this time around will be all about showing off some of the games that bring colorblindness into the spotlight...


A Rose By Any Other Color...

Hi, I�m Vince. Here�s a few things you might need to know, or maybe you just forgot� (Oh and yeah, NERD ALERT! You�ve been warned.) Awesome opening intros aside, the purpose of this piece is to bring something to the attention of gamers a...


About MarvelFan89one of us since 11:20 AM on 01.02.2013

I guess I'm the typical, modern day nerd. I was raised right on Batman: TAS and old-school TMNT. I've been a core gamer since I was 2 years old (I was beating Mario before I could finish sentences) and haven't thought twice about it since. My favorite game genre is RPG for sure. I love the advent of channels like Nerdist and Geek and Sundry, and will never turn down an invitation to a Con. (Though I don't cosplay... yet.) I hate not owning the latest and greatest gadgets and aspire to find my place in the world of game journalism.

Favorite Games: The Mass Effect trilogy, Super Mario World, the BioShock series, the Ratchet and Clank series, anything featuring Nolan North.

Favorite shows: FireFly (Browncoats, unite!), Bones, Castle, Spectacular Spider-Man (RIP), Transformers Prime. Anything featuring the voice talents of Steve Blum, Gina Torres, Ashley Johnson, or Yuri Lowenthal.

Favorite Comics: Amazing Spider-Man (Thanks for the memories), most things featuring Batman, any one where Green Arrow makes an appearance.