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Finished Kate Bishop and the Adventures of Pizza Dog. Second half was better than the first half. They just have to handle you-know-who carefully.


Just a heads-up. Castlevania Requiem is up for pre-order on Limited Run Games. Thankfully without NFTs.


As much as I'd like to get back to SMTV, I've decided I've waited long enough to get one of my two Witcher 3 campaigns done so I'm going with the PC/Switch one since cross-saves are a thing.


Hawkeye is kind of hard to watch for obvious Infinity War/Endgame reasons, but also because Jeremy Renner could be easily be replaced by Pedro Pascal, few would notice and you'd have better acting right away. In fact, let's do that for Star Lord, too.


Finished the Halo Infinite. Had a good time, but barely upgraded much. Feels like there will probably be another campaign at some point. My least favorite part was when I had to change out the Mangler. Just fun arching shots with it.


I've been dragged into doing inventory. I'm presently verifying stuff doesn't exist in locations that no longer exist. It's like embracing the void, really.


I don't feel like Halo Infinite really scratches any open world itch. At the same time, I'm wary of starting anything else open world before Elden Ring lands, except maybe finally playing all the way through HZD.


Shuffle button was melancholy this morning, but wanted to move into some solid beats.


This video makes a pretty good case for who the real main character of FFVI is. Because only one character really influenced every event.


Many years later, I'm finding I'm in the same level of proficiency in Halo multiplayer. Meaning, I'm better with pistols and revolvers and will otherwise just run people over with warthogs and ghosts. Or club people with the flag.


Catching up on Mando Season 2. Star Wars feels better when it leans more into sci-fi cowboy and keeps the cosmic magical samurai laser sword business to a minimum


Happy New Year! I resolve to not get out more, stay in more and finish more games because the outside world is dumb. And to stop changing my gamertags, which I just did before midnight.


I don't want to spoil anything, but after Matrix Resurrections, Metal Gear Solid 2 continues to prove its relevance.


Managed to somehow scratch the bottom left hand of the Switch OLED screen. Not the worst but kinda my fault for procrastinating on putting on the screen protector. Still, I've had positive experiences with Nintendo on repairs before so I may send it in.


Little ways into Halo Infinite now. Still mostly like it, bit if you think about driving off-road even for a moment, it's the vehicular experience of Death Stranding, just with Halo physics. Enemy pathfinding up mountainsides is also rather wonky.


Christmas haul was a Corsair RGB LED keyboard, Chicory, Wyldermyth, Insryption and The Forgotten City. FFIV DS and FFIX for Switch also finally came in the mail.


Well, I've already used Xbox PC Game Pass more in the last month than PS Plus in the last five years. And while I'm no cloud gaming fan, it doesn't surprise me MS set up a better infrastructure for it than Sony did.


Endwalker midboss dungeon theme reminds me a lot of "Hunting ~Betrayal~" from Digital Devil Saga 2 and my brain tries to mash them up, if the latter was sped up, anyway. Can't post the Endwalker video for spoiler reasons, though.


Watched The Matrix Resurrections. Kinda like Bill and Ted Face The Music, it didn't need to be a thing but it turned out to be better than I could have hoped. A bit hammy in spots, but the casting made it work. Jessica Henwick was a great addition.


"Donkey Kong Country OST but in the style of Halo: Combat Evolved" is a place my brain just went and now the world needs to make it happen.


Finished Endwalker. Damn good ending to FFXIV's original saga. Lived up to and exceeded expectations. Curious to see where we go next.


I used the Game Awards to endure the evening's FFXIV Endwalker login queue, but lost connection moments later. Thankfully, I had Halo Infinite downloaded, so I gave that a shot a minute or so later. Really liking this laptop so far.


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