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Yeah, this is gonna be a hard no for me. I still have Big the Cat trauma from the Dreamcast day.


Bouncing between Ghost Song and Signalis. Signalis is winning since its succeeding in what it wants to be - a late 90s survival horror game. Ghost Song wants to be Super Metroid + Dark Souls but manages to be more stingy than either with save points.


My Black Friday haul is okay-ish. Pixie pin came in! Metroid Dread posters from My Nintendo arrived, too. Then got a 2TB external SD drive for PC and the Cowabunga Collection for Switch. Was gonna get Dad of Boy 2, but there were only PS5 copies.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Treating myself to a set of Stephen King novels with pulp art.


Another year older, somehow still playing Pokémon games. Apparently the legend of Zisu is spreading.


Gave Pokémon Scarlet a spin. Seen some rough edges, but it's not exactly the hot mess Cyberpunk 2077 was. It's more like Bethesda's memory issues and feature creep.


I like how sometimes my warehouse safety training boils down to safety outside of work. Like driving and hanging up Christmas lights. It's just "Please don't die, we need you to help us do capitalism."


Finished Bayonetta 3. Great gameplay but I think what made Bayo2's story better was Bingo Morihashi. Bingo also wrote DMC3, wrote for the anime, and some of the books which explains a lot. Kamiya's only great story was Okami and it wore out it's welcome.


How I'm maxing out my weapons and summons right now.


It's nice to see The Oregon Trail has become inclusive enough that anyone can die of dysentery. It's no longer just headcannon.


If you remember your initial tarot reading in Tactics Ogre Reborn, would you leave it here? I want them because reasons.


Vampire Survivor is starting to do that Tetris Effect thing on me. I close my eyes and there are only creatures of the night and a flurry of projectiles. Fell 23 seconds short of 30 mins last night. Golems got me.


Okay, time for TheIntern's reading, I'll put it in the comments.


I knew that Klingon sounded suspiciously like Shredder/Uncle Phil. James Avery was a legend. Nearly finished with Enterprise, which has been pretty uneven but always maintained great casting, which keeps me watching.


I'm working a near 60 hour week because someone brought two pounds of weed into the warehouse and half the temps got positive drug tests and fired. This also explains why my Halloween candy vanished so fast.


That Diablo stuff at Arby's does not fuck around. Be prepared with a milkshake or you will suffer.


Today I learned you can restart at the beginning of the world you died on in Super Mario Bros. by holding down A and pressing Start. So if you Game Over in 7-3, you start back at 7-1. This has always been there since the NES.


This has been one of the things that makes me more a fan of Star Trek than Star Wars. Data and The Doctor get treated with more respect than droids.


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