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Sophia looks at the sword and turns away. "What the hell do I need that sword for? I wanted another wand! Ten would be perfect!" Meanwhile, Rose ponders all the shiny options before her, but will she do the research and pick the right one? Probably not.


The zombies will finally come for Pat Sajack but Vanna will be at the zoo.


Decided to open these up and check them out today. Probably gonna grab another for collection sake. Fangamer also has Dark Souls decks but this and the Undertale tarot deck feel more inspired. Dunno what to make of these ! cards, though.


Matsuno had these trollishly long Invalice sidequests in FFXIV and Yoshi P just announced they're cutting two of them. Soon newer players will not learn how much Matsunomand his wife love bacon bread. I like learning that stuff.


Friday Draw from Pulp Tarot! Oh... wow. Well... The Devil represents bondage/enslavement/vices. To pull a quote from Deadpool, "Happy International Women's Day."


The Emperor says it's okay to walk away from things that are just fucked. Know when to hold 'em, Know when to fold 'em, as Kenny Rogers would say and the Five of Swords does. It'll help ya focus your energy. Knight of Cups is looking forward to Friday


Decided to back this on KS because it seemed like a cool idea and also the physical tarot cards. The gameplay hook is centered on synthesizing the cards and the main character, Tori, is a healer you play MMO-style.


Can't shake the feeling that Pokémon can't be all Nintendo has for November/December. There's usually something else. I know BotW2 was supposed to be right there before the push to Q1 2023. Still, a remaster or something feels like it should be there.


This evening, as your cat meditates, it will become inspired to chase an object and then pursue it with great interest and also knock over everyone's coffee.


I believe the Chorizo star is part of the Queso Nebula.


Neat. I don't even remember ordering this. It is 710 of 9000.


Starting to feel like Multiversus would be better if it was based around people only Shaggy and Scooby have met - like Elvira, KISS, The Harlem Globetrotters, Batman & Robin, Don Knotts, Cher, The Three Stooges, Bill Nye, Wanda Sykes & the Addams Family.


I found a social media post perfect for Pat Bateman. Link in comments.


Finished Rachel Pollack's "Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom," which is tarot guide. The Audible version includes an interview where she talks about that time she trolled DC and Grant Morrison into letting her write Doom Patrol.


Got SFV on PC (PS4 load times are bleh). Maining Rose because reasons (I want her cards), but I'm very pleased with my old standby, Guile. Poison feels good, but hate what they did to her hair and puzzled where her projectiles went to.


I like how Xenoblade 3 made up its own swears and sometimes you think they used normal ones anyway.


I have the deck from the PSP release of TO: LUCT, but I'm gonna have to wait a bit on this. $50 for this set plus $20 shipping, but still only the 22 majors feels low-effort. Understable Yoshida might not want to draw 56 minor cards, though.


Underrated aspect of Xenoblade Chronicles 3: A font type and size that can actually be read. Amazes me how many games still pick thin or tiny-ass fonts that are difficult to make out from the couch. Or don't scale down well to Switch.


I have no cats, so here's some cats on a card. Usually I read this as a girls night out card, making time to relax and enjoy the company of friends. Or pets.


Since I have no self control lately, this is the Dark Wood Tarot I got recently by Abigail Larson. Comes with a full color manual, too.


The After Tarot is now on my collection list. My nightmares actually don't wake me up or give me dread because I play so many games my brain just decides to conjure a weapon and fight. I go to sleep with invincibility and unlimited ammo enabled.


Worf has gotten old. People are mad about it for some reason for Picard Season 3 which stars folks who are from TNG. I think he looks cooler than future Worf in "All Good Things.


Golden Girls tarot deck came in (one got seemingly lost or stolen in transit). Here's the major arcana on my unmade bed.


Deadpool on Disney Plus is weird, but then you now get to see about half the pop culture references he makes. That Hawkeye joke benefits for sure.


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