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The time has come! E3 gives way to another summer of streams! But we can still do predictions! Ask me your questions and I'll see what my tarot cards have to say! (Last bump)


Occams, the Pokémon Whisperer, will also be asking Pokémon your summer stream questions and make game predictions, so leave a Pokémon and question for it in this quickpost! (Last bump)


I will bump the E3 and Occamsdex prompts tomorrow one last time before we set to work on them. May go with the new D&D Tarot Deck. Kinda has Dragon Age vibes.


Make no mistake, I'm livid about today. I just process my anger a little differently now. I hate all the people with the power to prevent these shootings and their phony thoughts and prayers. They worship gun lobby money.


I think the best thing Ricky Gervais and Dave Chapelle have ever done is help me discover better, more talented comedians like James Acaster, Nish Kumar and Hannah Gadsby.


While I initially wasn't wild about Trusts becoming an increasingly central aspect of FFXIV, I also realized it will slowly choke out people who whine about their dungeon parties on the subreddit.


She's mad I beat her so early, yet she's employee of the week. Cheer up, Meg!


Today I learned ancient Greeks and Romans had d20s.


Watched Belle 2021. It does what I've wanted stuff like .hack// and other virtual world/slice of life dramas to do better and make those ideas a bit more even. As gorgeous as Millennium Actress and Paprika, too. Best movie I watched this month.


This stuff came in along with the Quake remaster for Switch and Republique for PS4. Death's Door shipped, too. It is the week of stuff shipping!


Getting some fan-made Hades stuff on Etsy. The Zag/Cerberus is by TheAcedCasino and the Nyx print is by MaryMetzgerCo.


Read the first volume of Linda Sejic's Punderworld. It's a cute and engaging book as romance comics go. Hades and Persephone are both huge dorks in it.


Watched Constantine (2005). I've grown to like the character through the DC animated movies and while Keanu lacked the accent, the live-action movie was pretty spot-on otherwise. Might get to his comics after I get through my current backlog.


Ended up watching Uncharted as it's rentable now. Mostly all right and amusingly subverted part of the treasure hunting. Still think the casting was too young for its respective characters. Feel Elena should have been there, but Chloe is a better pick.


I think $19.99 to $29.99 to rent a movie currently in theaters intentionally misunderstand what "rent" means. For those prices, you better be sending me pizza and a liter of Cheerwine.


I was very happy to see Star Trek: Strange New World make Cadet Uhura central to its second episode. She was do underutilized in TOS and it gives me hope they're going to address other problems TOS had (like Pike's ending).


This is Pamela Colman Smith, the artist behind the modern tarot or "Rider-Waite" deck. Waite commissioned her and belonged to same Hermetic occult order she joined. She was also a sufferagette and looked rad AF. She's finally being properly credited.


"Rhythm-based looter shooter" sounds like two ideas pulled out of a hat, but I'm intrigued snd going to try Soundfall anyway.


Apparently the Halo TV show is plummeting sharply just like crypto. Good thing Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is there. I'll watch that instead.


Asked an AI to draw Nintendo characters. These were the best results. They feel like they came out of the mind of Occams. Except Mario, not sure what happened there.


Updated blog banner after ages of not doing so. Finally have some writing energy back and there's also the matter of a certain annual tradition I'll be prepping for... for the Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...


They did not believe the evidence of their eyes and ears, but Orson Wells was still Unicron.


I just started Green Knight. I already want the movie to be about that duck starting shit with that goat and wonder if they ever become friends.


When my parents grounded me as a kid, they forbid video games and TV and made me read Star Trek novels. Now they wonder how I got so liberal. So I really have to restrain myself when I talk to them now.


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