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Okay, so we checked out a bunch of gamepass games today, and Unpacking has been a hit. Really chill, soothing, and fun. Link in comments


I know I haven't been around much, for like ever, but I care about, and appreciate all of you, even you


And I never Kickstart another project ever


Mike... Found on twatter credit yi%20


Here's my Spotify wrapped. I'd say it's completely accurate...


Happy imaginary dinner day! Stolen from someone on Twitter that stole it from someone else...


I realized this doesn't just include Phil... If you notice I've beaten any of your records on FH5 it might not have been me, it could have been my 4yo, especially speed challenges Just saying...


The progression of the battle pass does not inspire me to drop money on it. Game feels tight, but until I see what else drops on launch day I think I'll stick with V


I apologize if I saw this here, if not I saw it on Twitter, and had to share. Obviously I don't know who to credit... Pick your poison


Been having fun with photo mode


Shipped does not mean we put it in a box, and it's sitting on a loading dock for three days waiting to be received, fucking semantics...


Monsterpocalypse Board Game Kickstarter went live today, already funded, and we'll into stretch goals. It's Privateer Press, so it's legit, and fun. I'm already in for $160 http://kck.st/3mCxd6c


Eurobarge came on today, and my daughter loved it, so much we had to play it a dozen times, I think this kid will be alright...



Had an interview today for a job I should really want, but kind of don't really, kind of happy where I am. Went pretty well until realized I needed to give a presentation I wasn't prepared for, but did it anyways. Might have actually stuck the landing...


I had signed up for the beta, and thought they'd let me know via email. I never received one, so I thought I wasn't picked. Found the invite in my dashboard messages today, oh well, at least I don't have long to wait...


Roadside picnic Solaris Rendezvous with Rama


I ordered Dread from Wallymart to get the cool mug, and it showed up broken. I called them up, and asked for a replacement mug, and they said sure, we'll send you a new one no charge, and if you can salvage an of what's broken, keep it, don't return it...


For all of us that are a little messed up in the head, I highly recommend watching episode 10 of the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse Just the Four of Us. Heavy scoob, and shag vibes


I'm sorry to upset all of you so much but it's never easy to hear the truth, after 20+ viewings of each movie, this is the proper Toy Story ranking 4>1>3>2 feel free to argue about why you are all wrong


Kids were playing Mario Kart, and the joycon was acting funny. I didn't get a chance to troubleshoot it properly. Its a launch system, so I preemptively order a drift repair kit only to discover motion controls had been turned on the whole time...


If soulbow doesn't have a birthday, is he even real?


Low to no cheek, zero sad to bad, K-on is my favorite anime, it's just innocent happiness. We all needsome of this these days. Netflix if it's your jam


#battiod After seeing Batman Returns my friend dropped me off in front of my house, and then proceeded to hit me with his car. After rolling off the hood, having my foot run over, and hearing oh my God you killed him, I jumped up and yelled I'm batman


I'm sure there are some of you that need this Play Mobil Enterprise Spoiler, it's $500 https://www.playmobil.us/star-trek---u.s.s.-enterprise-ncc-1701/70548.html


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