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I just discovered I have an extra steam code for Nex Machina, anyone want it? First request gets it


Played Halo Infinite for about an hour yesterday, first time in months. I think I really do enjoy the openness of it. Set a destination, found some stuff that wasn't on the map, had some fun being creative with how to approach things


Meant to update sooner, but they sent me a new little best friend that works delightfully


Edit/bump They are sending a new unit soon *fingers crossed My playdate came in, and even after charging it overnight DOA totally unresponsive even after the reset button. I get it, new tech has issues, but I'm really bummed


Name something better than a cool breeze from a window while drunk on the toilet


I invert Y on all my kids games


I liked the second episode of Halo


I liked the first episode of Halo


Hello, I've heard this place is nice


The top two are, because they had great couch co-op


I guess a little while each day adds up


I mentioned Unpacking the other day, it really is cool, but they have been blatantly ripped off by a mobile company Wario64 has been retweeting about it all day. If you can help support them, either reporting the ripoff, or maybe play it, that would rock


Okay, so we checked out a bunch of gamepass games today, and Unpacking has been a hit. Really chill, soothing, and fun. Link in comments


I know I haven't been around much, for like ever, but I care about, and appreciate all of you, even you


And I never Kickstart another project ever


Mike... Found on twatter credit yi%20


Here's my Spotify wrapped. I'd say it's completely accurate...


Happy imaginary dinner day! Stolen from someone on Twitter that stole it from someone else...


I realized this doesn't just include Phil... If you notice I've beaten any of your records on FH5 it might not have been me, it could have been my 4yo, especially speed challenges Just saying...


The progression of the battle pass does not inspire me to drop money on it. Game feels tight, but until I see what else drops on launch day I think I'll stick with V


I apologize if I saw this here, if not I saw it on Twitter, and had to share. Obviously I don't know who to credit... Pick your poison


Been having fun with photo mode


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