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Had to see it to believe it. This is an actual tweet.


Would you take a pill that makes your semen taste like a name-brand cereal of your choice? 🤔


Have you tried picking your nose with a finger that isn't your index finger? Feels weird. Feels wrong.


I would like to throw my hat in the ring as Speaker of the House. Who would support me?


Chozos? More like Bozos! Always make someone else do all the work!


Internet drama is pretty good today.


Midnight Christmas ribs just hit different.


Beating an easy target dead horse with this one.


Everything is going eggsacktitty to plan.


You fools really don't know what the Great State of Texas' flag looks like? Have you no shame?! Watch and learn, clowns.


It's pouring cats and dogs today. It hasn't rained like this in years. Cancel my plans! Cancel my meetings! Cancel my flights! Cancel Ye! I'm staying inside this Holiday season.


For real though, Resident Evil 4 Remake should have laser sight for guns. It honors the original while giving this new remake trend the skillful challenge it needs.


Subscribing to a service to get an early access demo is paying to be advertised to.


Something on the internet might last forever, but that doesn't mean people will care forever.


Every year we talk about what food we enjoy going into our bodies, but this Thanksgiving 2022 let's talk about which food we most enjoyed coming out of our bodies.


Pokemon: Harlot would look a lot better if it was made by Santa Monica Studios.


"The moment Kratos reveals he is actually a leprechaun" Damn it YouTube, the name of your videos are spoilers!


"I just started slamming buttons and wondered to myself 'Is this actually what I'm suppose to be doing?' and then the game goes 'Yea, that was right.'" Some Kingdom Hearts 3 vibes right there.


Still think they should have remade 0 before 4.


Am I the smartest man alive? Probably not, but I reckon I'm in the top 5 billion.


Update: I got my $19.99 from Sony. They got lucky, cause we (all of us) were about to march on 25 Madison Avenue, New York. And if that didn't work, we would march on Sony City in Minato, Japan!


Buy DLC for PS5. Doesn't work. Ask support. Advice doesn't work. Google it. Turns out Sony has a lot of DLC problems. Fudge it, try to get refund. Support AI keeps closing chat after circle logic questions, won't contact agent. Call. No agents, call later


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