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Video Game Heroes You Wouldn�t Want to Be Your Dad

Those who�ve been gaming for as long as the readers of this likely have, will have grown up basically hero-worshiping video game characters. Even beating a dick to one or two, if you�re that way inclined. These pixelated demigods who, in ...


BakedMarcel420 on Gender Politics

The following comes courtesy of a mysterious guy by the name of BakedMarcel420, enjoy� So some trick was all like talking about his college class and shit and he was talking about the females and how they get �objectified�, or some word ...


360 Fanboy Reviews Uncharted 3

Right, the story. Man, the story is like some treasure hunter bullshit, man. I mean, like, this fucking dude called Drake or some shit is the main guy. I thought it was kinda racist how white they made the dude, though. I seen that bro on...


Lost in Translation: The Video Game

Everyone knows that movies based on games are fantastic *high fives Uwe Boll*. And everyone knows that games based on movies are even better. But why is it only the high-octane action blockbusters and kids animations that get the crossover ...


Improvements: It's Not You, It's Me Edition - Part 1

I'm going to make this a quick one. No one needs to know how I reached these epiphanies taking a dump, or the arduous journey my food endured from mouth to anus. The object here is making some points, and in order to do so I'll use bullet p...


This was a triumph... (A Portal 2 Review)

When The Orange Box was announced a few years ago, it presented a line-up of Valve�s finest arsenal. Not only were you getting Half-Life 2 on console, a title which would have sold well all by itself, but you were getting both its expansi...


East vs. West: Sympathy for the Devil Summoner

I�m no JRPG fiend. Many, many times over the years I�ve dabbled: a Legend of Mana here, a Wild Arms there, they�ve all been fairly distant and inconsistent forrays into a decidedly enthusiast style of game. Oddly enough, it was 11-year ol...


eSports: Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sports

I�m not going to be the guy who starts his article with a definition of the word �sports,� but it�s fair to say that that word does not belong to those who can throw an object 50 yards, or those who run several blocks in 8.3 seconds. Spor...


Motion Control: Wii Punch Children

I have to admire any peripheral that inadvertently causes child abuse. That's not to say I'm a staunch advocate of waving a makeshift Nintendo wand around, or thrusting the PS3' glowing, blue dildo in opposite directions to knock a virtua...


Dam That Shadow (A Shadows of the Damned Review)

Shadows of the Damned is an important game. Sure, it features fantastically tight gameplay, an eccentric and entertaining series of key characters, and a soundtrack you'd be more than happy to buy on iTunes for ten or more dollars, but th...


Digital Distribution: Access vs. Ownership

We're all moving towards an age where online content servers are the status quo, handling our data and distributing our entertainment. Quite quickly the term "cloud" has sprung up to support technology that serves this kind of function, a...


An Englishman in NBA2K11

I just committed a backcourt violation, and I have no idea what the fuck that is, or how I made it happen. The only things I see even remotely close to the backs of the court are the mascots, and I'm curious how either one of these hyperact...


Thinking Vertically in Uncharted 3 Beta

Note: I know the beta is now available for everyone (not that it wasn't technically anyway), I just wrote this article a week or so ago when that shit was still on PSPlus. Be it by astute opportunity ceasing, or merely fantastic coincidenc...


About Lou Chouone of us since 8:49 AM on 12.19.2007

My first name is Lou, but my second name isn't Chou. That's a bit I stole from an amazing movie called "All About Lily Chou Chou" to round off my gaming handle.

Like seemingly 90% of the internet, I aspire to write about video games professionally. The culture, community, and to some extent the industry surrounding gaming are something I'd like to live from day to day.

I've been playing video games since I was about 3. My older brother traded 2 packs of cigarettes for his friend's Commodore 64. His friend was ludicrously rich, so it was a pretty amazing deal. I used to play a lot of Paperboy and Batman on that thing. The latter would give me a fucking headache though, they only used, like, 2 colors when they developed that thing.

The best game I've ever played is Final Fantasy VII. I'm sorry I can't pick something obscure and cool, but it had a profound effect on me. I mean, to the point where I was having FFVII-based dreams every other night. I fucking loved that game, and I wouldn't dare play it again now. It needs to stay in that period of time for me.

I have a personal gaming blog, which may well live here:

Xbox LIVE:Lou Chou
PSN ID:Lou-Chou
Steam ID:fantasticplasticmonkey


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