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It's just one of THESE days...


For some reason I had the hardest laughing fit in months thanks to this Tweet...


Everybody's posting music today....so why not join the fun? Link in the comments (because it needs to be on Soundcloud). Have fun everyone xD




Finally reunited with a very old friend. Still in the "getting the hang of things back", but progress is being made.


....I mean, we can go back to "Eat the rich" if that's more to your liking...


You never know when inspiration strikes and how it does so....


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday with the song that encapsulates 2020 for me personally. Heavy, oppressive, trudging along, offering glimmers of hope in the chorus, to bury them under a sludge of heavy riffs. Is also barely eight minutes long but feels like twenty.


Uhm.....game.....do we need to have a talk?


So....I'm in the middle of Season 2 of Clone Wars and for a kid's show that's a lot of brain parasites, fanatics-suicide, war-orphans, engineered killer-viruses and so forth.....also it's surprisingly good.


Happy Birthday 'n' stuff.


Whoever needs a good chuckle: this "Washington Post"-piece is something: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/01/09/trump-cabinet-resignations-death-star/


So, I've been thinking. There are also some dudes on here who do/did audio-production things and there are certainly some musicians on here...would y'all be interested at all in videos about stuff like Gear, PlugIns, production-stuff etc? Been thinking.


Yup...I know your pain, dude.


Good morning everyone


@RiffRaff asked, Y'ALL SHALL SUFFER. Top-20 albums and some honorable mentions in the comments. SUFFER!


Well, Handeggtoid has its first repeat-champion. Kneel before me you pansy-ass scrubs!!!!


PSA: Relapse Records are celebrating their birthday by releasing a Sampler on Bandcamp, that you can nab for whatever amount you want (even free)....and it features 241 songs (no typo) from their label's illustrious catalogue. Link in comments.


Please be considerate everyone...


Final job of the year.


Folks: stuff sounds p good on its own. Also Folks:


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