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Oh look more publishers and devs complaining about key resellers. Bonus Fun Fact: There's no such thing as a grey market, just a legal market someone doesn't like.


Of all the VR stuff I've played the last couple of weeks, I've easily spent the most time with the Quakespasm VR port. Playing some of the newer Quake mods, like Machine Games' episode, in VR is awesome.


Ofcourse Bethesda updated the Skyrim SE executable for no reason in their latest patch, breaking SKSE. If you don't know how to grab the previous executable I'll stick the details in the comments.


Nintendo showing what you can do when you're not too busy getting ready for next gen


Nightdives Blood remake/port thing just released on GOG. Blood: Fresh Supply


Good. Germany are pushing for something similar too


I'm going to spend so much fucking money on PC hardware for this, the current Mrs Kelly is going to be seriously pissed.


So with the Rift S announced, oddly not using Oculus' highest resolution display or refresh rate, what are the odds of a Rift X coming in the near future?


3D Realms announcing a new shooter tomorrow. Based on the Quake 1 engine. I'm loving Ion Maiden so far, so I'll be looking forward to any excuse to dust off my Quake editing tools again.


EA Pulling Youtube videos from their "Game Changers" programme because they weren't positive enough about Anthem. Seriously, stop giving EA your money.


WTF Tron 2.0 got a 296MB update on Steam?


Yay! Granted, it's not exactly informative but it's been a month since the VC4 DLC just didn't come out when it was supposed to with total radio silence over it, so I'm calling it a win.


HTCs new VR headset: Vive Cosmos. Looks a lot like a PSVR with Oculus touch controllers. Apparently it's wireless though.


Sega, where's the rest of the Valkyria Chronicles 4 DLC on PC dammit!


I love thanksgiving. It's not a holiday here so I have to work, but I work for an America based company so there's virtually nothing to do for days :)


Remember that all digital thing Microsoft definitely abandoned...


Trying to replay Oblivion and forgot all about the ridiculous enemy scaling when I was installing my mods to begin with. Back to the Nexus it is...


Oof. Prima Games shutting down next April. Sucks if you're into those.


I don't really care about scanline or filter options for PS1 games, but not even having the option to use floating point vertex math is just dumb.


Happy Birthday Chris and DeScruff! I hope you both have a kick ass day


Ubisoft's attempt at reanimating Tom Clancy with pure, concentrated rage managed to make BBC news


The first Valkyria Chronicles released for the PS3 in North America ten years ago today. Hopefully, it won't take so long for the next follow up.


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