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Where's all the French people?


I love comics, hope everyone is doing well. No cohost for me, life is busy enough. I've been here for a long time, I'm sure after this qtoid probably won't survive, but I'll be here till the servers burn down.


Oh baby.. the king has returned!


Please just remaster Soul Reaver & Legacy of Kain.. please please please.


Went to a Magic the Gathering pre release, they have a crossover with Lord of the Rings right now. The card art is beautiful, I'm building my halfling army as I write.


Playing the Final Fantasy demo, at first it seemed like Game of Thrones sprinkled with Attack on Titan with a dash of FF. It triggered a core memory and it's really this but prettier. Veeeeery pretty.. it'll probably be the first FF I've beaten since X.


I thought Dtoid was broken again but not the case. SlimeyBear was a busy boy this morning.


Level 34 sorcerer, I was going for a northern water tribe look. I'm only doing frost spells it's pretty busted atm. Bonus Pic of my Druid in the comments.


We're sowwy... wanna podrace?


I like that in the new Zelda there are map coordinates, and you can swap the jump button to the proper place on the controller. I dislike the HUD, either standard or pro. Pro says it minimizes the HUD but it just takes it away, could've said on or off.


Going through my backlog before you know what comes out Friday. Evil West is pretty, and the controls are solid. Like Duke Nukem met DMC and said make the whole game look like a Diablo cutscene. Would recommend!


Ty Jeter for all your retro posts, ty Smiley for all your indie posts, ty Pixie for all your FFXIV posts, ty Moyse for fp goodness and mental heath posts, ty Occams for keeping me up at night posts, ty Necronium for your console repair posts. Ty everyone!


Batman 135 was a banger...


If I get low enough on my Google feed it starts trolling me, it seems.


My street dog is still adjusting to new domesticated life.


Wow Mario Movie was a 10/10 from me! They introduced a lot a characters very quickly very well, the music remix is phenomenal! The Mario Kart scene, Donkey Kong, all of it was great. A little bit of Tenacious D apparently works well for Bowser, who knew?


Super late to this party : Outsiders is a really fun game. It's like they melded Gears of War 3rd person cover to shoot mechanics, with Borderlands style guns, and a Diablo magic set and skill tree. Freaking great so far.


This kept me entertained for at least 10 minutes. Happy April Fooks Day.


Hot take : Here's a new switch for our last game!


Hot take : I saved a piece of my dog so I can clone her in the near future.


I'm enjoying RE4 with what they added (and the parts that are gone will not be missed).. what's great is they took away Ashley's health, no sharing yo herbs yo. They also give you a "I need my space" and a "don't ever leave me" button. Boundaries, man.


Marvel Midnight Suns alert : the Morbius DLC has made enemies t pose and it has crashed my PS5 several times, I cannot proceed. Morbius is a great character besides breaking the game.


I don't know who needs to hear this right now but the Diablo 4 open beta just went live. Took 3 minutes to queue in. Edit : had to back out for an error, queue time is 95 minutes. Fuuuuck that.


Me : "Whooooooa...."