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Current statusssss:


Getting a real Resident Evil meets Silent Hill vibe from Stranger Things. Season 4 is really gory like wow what the hell.


Do you know what works better than laxative? Expired laxative. Work is a gamble today.


Now I know why they named the new Metroid "Dread", I just do not have any motivation to finish that game. The EMMI encounters are everywhere and feel less Metroid and more Mr. X from RE2. The enemies are so easy, they're just health mules. No thank you.


I had no idea the Evil Dead game has a story mode. Groovy.


Dr. Strange is exactly what you would expect if you let the guy from Evil Dead make a marvel movie. 10/10 would watch many times.


KMFDM is playing in Tampa and tickets are only 30 bucks. Never seen them live but I have a feeling that may change.


Destructoid once again immortalized by gaming media, with a returning cameo by Sterling. Stanley Parable Deluxe Edition is fantastic so far.


I engineer things for the rich and the famous. Apparently Vanilla Ice is a designer in FL. Am drunk, very nice.


Elden Ring Fight Club, fisting and whipping allowed.


Elden Ring Fight Club official ceremonies, I swear these invaders are drunker than I am.


Attracting invaders in Elden Ring has become less perilous and more whimsical. This man got kicked in the nuts.


Elden Ring all wrapped up, 190 hours at lvl 196. New game + my friend and I decided to hunt invaders in Limgrave, using the tounge summoning them into our world. I feel like a medieval vigilate. I cannot help spoilers from weapons in the vid, sorry.




I leave white noise on Spotify to help me sleep, like waves or rain. I tried a new channel, but it was only two hours of rain. I woke up 2am about four hours later to this next suggested channel and I thought someone was in my house. WHY MAKE THIS?


Out here in Limgrave dishing out flame broiled whoppers to my tarnished homies.


Eat. Sleep. Elden Ring. Good morning everybody!


No lies! Good night everybody!


Emo Batman did not disappoint.


The lady in Elden Ring that gives free hugs debuffs you :(