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I don't play many modern EA games on PC, but is it normal for them to open in a browser and require a plug-in before they will let you launch the game? I grabbed BF: Hardline in the recent sale and this browser shit has caught me by surprise. Fucking EA.


PSTV: Sony's Redheaded Step Child

The Neglected and Forgotten PSTV The PSTV (not the actual television that Sony released featuring the PlayStation branding, but the tiny box known overseas as the VitaTv) is a neat little device. I purchased one pretty shortly after it...


My problem with Kickstarter.

This is my first cblog, so thanks for reading my first sentence fragment, but I'll get right to the point. I have a problem with kickstarter. More specifically, I have a problem with the way kickstarter is being used to fund game projects. ...


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My name is John. I've been gaming since sometime around 1989-1990. I like video games.