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Villains With a Sense Of Humor: A Top 10

Strap yourselves in boys and fake gamer girls, it�s time for a history lesson. Allow for me to imbue you with the knowledge and origins of the infamous top ten list! At the beginning of time, there were no numbers. People huddled around f...


Little Inferno: Nihilistic Arson Simulator

Remember in middle school? When the teacher would leave the class for all of about fifteen seconds, right after telling every child in the classroom individually by name to behave themselves while they were gone? I do. I also remember th...


Hotline Miami: A Tour Through Cyndi Lauper's Rectum

I�m gonna kick this little number off by saying the same as what a lot of other people are saying about this game. It�s awesome. I�m going to use other words or phrases to describe it in this discussion like� glitz-jizz, guttural, and a lit...


Nostalgia-less: Unbiased from Unhappy

So I�d just like to start off by saying I�m not writing this to piss anyone off, step on anyone�s toes, or to point any fingers at embarrassing third-nipple-like appendages that readers may or may not have. I�m simply stating a different wa...


Self Portrait: Jet Set Radio POOture

Hey there Destructoid denizens! I gave myself my favorite red hoodie FROM REAL LIFE LIKE I WORE ONE TIME IN REAL LIFE GUYS. And I'm doing a spray paint all over your computer screens all whacky like! And get a load of THIS, that's my face ...


Why is that character speaking in tongues?

It demands prowess, it demands precision, but it demands your attention even more. Sine Mora just came to PC. You�ll know that because I�m finally getting around to talking about it. Created by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Realit...


The Artistical - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCom: Enemy Unknown � G.I. Joes without the ridiculous PSAs, or cheesy names up for artistic Review. I�m going to start off by saying I�m not much for strategic games. Alright, I said it, now on to more pertinent things like why I decid...



So. Where do I start? This is my first post obviously, and any man/Jay leno/sentient-brocolli worth his/her salt ALWAYS has the notion to point that out. Isn't that kind of strange? How everyone draws attention to that? People who write nov...


About anglorumone of us since 2:59 AM on 08.02.2012

The Artistical

My name is Bill Tate.

I will tell you a few things, I love video games. More importantly than that. I love video game ART.

(I'm actually still not sure if it's more important. I need to get some fact checkers in here on that.)

I've studied game art for a long time now. During my secondary education I considered working in the industry under that field as a career path. While I've determined that might not necessarily be for me, I will do something which I've developed sort of a knack for along the way, talk. I love talking to people, also I love talking to people about stuff. And what is more fun than to write and discuss the STUFF you love most?

So, long story short. I'm an art-nerd-man-thing.

If reading about the art direction for various video games and game industry trends interests you, then you're in the right place!

A little about me!

Top 3 games:
- Jet Set Radio Future
- The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
- BatMan: Arkham City

Current Location: Tempe, AZ
Place of origin: Lakenheath, UK

Currently Playing: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Feature in progress: Conventional Art: Trade Shows and colored spot lights - a study

Review In progress: Not sure really.