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Just today as I was saying how I was growing a little wary of Araki’s overcrowding of panels… the last, like, 40 chapters of Diamond is Unbreakable are OUT OF THIS GODDARN WORLD.


Baby I’m starting to think this New York thing doesn’t always suck, I am EATING next week!


New fever dream just in time for the holidays.


I have a slew of joker cards I use for bookmarks (including one that has been my mainstay mark for more than ten years) but I may have found a new favorite.


Have you ever A. Eaten so much food that you need to lay down, B. Been stuck behind an elderly person while in a hurry, or C. Tried to unlock your phone with gloves on? If you answered "yes" to any, you've had as much fun as I just had with Evil Within 2.


This has been my train station for most of my life and I’m sort of just realizing how insane these window murals are.


Given these body-swapping shenanigans it feels appropriate to affirm oneself with a Self-Portraiture. Our projection booth bathroom has an I Saw the Devil poster because… in the bathroom, one meets the Devil.


It’s not my favorite meal*, to be honest, but we went out to our favorite little cafe to get ramen with friends for the first time in literal years. Pretty as a picture/fit for a Yakuza (Like a Dragon)!


Doing my intern work, going through archives, found some uh neat signed stuff


Can't believe I'm JUST finally seeing this! A Masaaki Yuasa short about an orphaned masked wrestler in love?? This is amazing!


Also of all the good giggles today my brother got me best.


Castlevania 64 walked so Lords of Shadow could... shamble. Jeez louise. ALSO IT NEEDS TO BE CALLED LORD OF SHADOWS. ONE LORD. MANY SHADOWS.


Seven years since Kojima dropped this on his way out the door… Still my favorite game trailer (ever?).


Finally bloody settling on playing System Shock 2 (it's very good; I'm very anxious and indecisive). Currently:


I, the solitary gamer, am craving a multiplayer FPS I can sink into casually… Any recs? I don’t currently have a (good) mic and am not always inclined to get chatty with teammates, which might seem counter to what I may suggest, but had these two in m


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