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I do not deserve those who would call me friend.


Been following this game for awhile, and now it's got a release date! Good 'ol low-poly stealth fun. The developer also talks about MGS a lot on Twitter, so he's earned my love and respect.


Guys the Porco Rosso storyboards are sending me over the moon.


I will not watch this movie trailer, but YOU should watch this movie trailer if you watch movie trailers and watch movies, but if you just watch movies and not movie trailers then maybe you should NOT watch this movie trailer and just watch this movie. OR


Making a post to share all of the cool things I want to buy at the moment but am too paralyzed by indecision/fiscal responsibility to act on so will continue to ogle and, hopefully, get some. In addition, my friend got me Grimace’s autograph.


“Mario this is not ‘Nam this is bowling, there are rules.”


Mostly all in favor of making it Halloween next week? Also only related by my insanity but it's come to my attention that Skyward Sword Link has some great pants.


Got something real cool for real cheap, an original!


Was finally allowed the PRIVILEGE of paying off my bad stupid speeding ticket from September, and it's looking like I'll "have to" get a new phone within the next few weeks, so currently I'm all about the


Good game looks good! Went live on Kickstarter today, and it honestly may be the first game I back in years (maybe I'm feeling thrifty). Quite into any game where the world is open and I can just go do mundane stuff.


Finished the Snyder Cut and then this was literally on TV as I switched out to turn it off, as if the universe were trying to balance the extraordinarily bitter karma it had just dealt me for the past four hours.


There’s a game I learned of recently that’s just about making and serving curry at an Ichibanya and... I feel like I really want it.


Sephonie is the new game from Anodyne's developers (Melos Han-Tani and Marina Kittaka) and I'm of course already excited. I spy at least one instance of fungal overgrowth and it looks gorgeous.


Without question one of THE funniest sound effects in Video Game History.


Oh, to be a plump green caterpillar inching along. This looks great! Maybe a little stiff in the actual platforming, but, like, just look at this thing.


Final bump, thanks to some dude's uploaded saves I... "beat" the final boss. Live-A-Live is amazing.


Made a little card for my brother’s birthday the other day.


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