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I wanna play the New Year Games Game too! My five favorites I played this year! None of the 2021 releases cracked this… though I did like quite a few new games. Some ramblings and other lists inside!


Conclusion reached! The Riddick games aren't listed on storefronts because Vin Diesel is afraid of modders exposing his Manhood for all Gamerkind. [I really want to play those Riddick games again :^(]


Truly, happiest of happies to all of you from me and my all-year-round Winter ghouls. It’s a daily pleasure to pop in here and see what’s up, and any exchange with any of you a genuinely treasured moment. Dtoid is famtoid. Except that guy.


My cup runneth over thanks to not one but TWO not-so-secret Secret Santas who I’m going to out as Very Good Dudes: Pat and Lewness, I don’t deserves ya. Seriously! Editing the fact that I misspelled "runneth" because it bothered me.


Oh man… I loathed Swiss Army Man but this looks great!


You’ve heard of Char Aznable… But have you heard of char as a nibble??


Was in a post office for the first time in awhile today and my first thought was “… I gotta play Death Stranding again.”


Loving Peter Jackson’s Beatles doc. Origins of so many great tunes.


I'm mostly an anime novice, but been watching THIS Mononoke the past week and increasingly loving it. Incredibly atmospheric, great sound design, and terrific, weird characters. Makes me better appreciate a lot of Zelda's oddball characters, actually.


Lord grant me wisdom, I'm seriously considering reinstalling Cyberpunk and giving it a proper go.


Chris my (British) boss (also named Chris!!) came back from the UK and shared a cherry bakewell with me and you Brits have done alright and I wish you nothing but a calm and peaceful birthday. You're a Big Friendly Giant and a boon to us all.


HIGHLY recommend Maya and the Three on Netflix. Not often do I think of CG animation as "beautiful," but this is, at times, breathtaking. The lighting is radiant, the color palette lush, and the characters bold and beautiful. A Mexican epic made with love




Thank you all for your patience on this matter, and I can now confirm: Brownies are good.


Purple sweet potato noodles! He did it! He made NOT a curry!


Still holding off on Dread because we got mousse to eat and vampires to whip.


Turns out this is what I needed to bottle that gaming lightning again.


Gaming has been a bit ho-hum no-go for me lately (even as wonderful as Sable is) but lots of comics on the menu... Taiyo Matsumoto's No. 5 is just blowing my mind. Saving further reading until I finish some other stuff.


I saw The Hayao Miyazakimobile in yellow today!


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