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Finally bloody settling on playing System Shock 2 (it's very good; I'm very anxious and indecisive). Currently:


I, the solitary gamer, am craving a multiplayer FPS I can sink into casually… Any recs? I don’t currently have a (good) mic and am not always inclined to get chatty with teammates, which might seem counter to what I may suggest, but had these two in m


Continuing my recent western obsession playing Outlaws, which is really good! Just a quick run with cheats… But if I could find a big box of this for a good price I would FRAME IT.


Me diving through every closed window in Weird West.


So glad Nope is SO GOOD. Wasn’t a Get Out fan, big Us fan, and this was pure craft. Evidently Jordan Peele is an Evangelion fan. Projectionist’s view:


Porco Rosso turns 30 years old today and remains a stalwart fiber of my very being.


Grappling with the realization that, to my friends and colleagues, I am becoming recognizably known to be a JoJo fan.


Had some free time the other morning at work so I brought in something WARM to test some stuff in the theaters…


Frivolous question for those in the know: Is Kid Icarus Uprising worth ("worth" is so relative and personal, but bear with me) $80-90ish? I've sort of been struck by a real interest in it recently, and without a Switch port...


No lies told POINPY is one of the year’s best games. Shame it has the sorta weird Netflix Games stigma but Fumoto is a genius and I will follow. If ya got a phone and Netflix ya got POINPY! Pray for PC/console releases.


At the point where Elden Ring has me jumping at the sight of my mug


Witchfire is back. Witchfire is an Epic exclusive. The monkey's paw strikes again.


We talk a lot about how tense From Software’s boss fights are but really when a Souls game asks me to do some platforming is when I sweat.


After an unintentionally-thematically-linked double feature, I’ve made the discovery that 2005 was the Best Year for Video Games and am now going to chip away at some oddballs from that year for the rest of the year.


In kinda fun news, this week I started training as a projectionist! Which means I absolutely WON'T be splicing frames from horror movies into kids' trailers!


Started Elden Ring. (Also this particular view was like total Shadow of the Colossus deja vu!)


I have decided to embark upon a well-trodden but also merciless set of paths. (My first impression is that Elden Ring is probably Too Good and I think it may give me a stroke and so am daunted to play it.)


Stranger's Wrath had no business being that good. Besides some LAME combat gauntlets towards the end. Pure atmosphere. We need more WESTERN GAMES.


One less wisdom tooth and I already feel dumber.


HEY DO YOU HATE VIDEO GAMES BUT LOVE FREE STUFF. Some Steam keys I don’t need in the comments! Unrelated (or is it?) curry shirt pictured.


Whenever I get to see the city from angles like this I just think of the Ninja Turtles or Spider-Man.


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