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I want Mighty No. 9 to be saved

Objective analysis of Mighty No.9 is impossible, so I'm under no pretense that I can offer it. Even if the Kickstarter campaign didn't carry the absolute truckload of drama that it does now, the very premise was bound to cloud judgmen...


Just a reminder that anyone look to buy Sanic games during the Steam sale should probably get the Humble Bundle instead: https://www.humblebundle.com/sonic-25th-anniversary-bundle


Having just finished playthrough 1 of Mighty No. 9, I'm now torn. I had a lot of fun with it by the end, but with all the flubs under its belt, I doubt a refined sequel could ever exist. Alas, we're left with a fun, but very messy game.


As a backer who actually didn't care about all the drama leading up to Mighty No 9, I actively hated my first session with it. By my second go at it, I thought it was alright. Bets are on if it'll either grow on me or I'll go back to hating it!


Playing Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for the first time in over 20 (or 10 actually) years, and damn it's impressive for a GBA launch title.

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Everyone's fighting over who has the best Waifu, but I lay claim to the greatest Waifu of them all.


The RPG Maker Buyers Guide

For those of you just tuning in, I recently started an RPG Maker Workshop series to help aspiring RPG developers become the game-making experts they’ve dreamed of. Yet in writing that, I assumed that my readers had already purchased ...


I'm back, and I made my own website too!

Have you ever been away from home for a really long time? Do you know that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing old friends and family for a week after being away for months at a time? That's kind of how I feel writing this post. It's good to be h...


Review: Bacon Club Cheeseburger

    It's time to join the club   When I first heard about Bacon Club Cheeseburger, I was skeptical to say the least. Developer McDonald's is no stranger to anti-consumer practices, and the critically panned Black H...

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I love Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

[Dtoid community blogger JoyfulSanity answered our recent call for "I love what you hate" submissions with the one thing in the world I thought NO ONE could defend. Do YOU love something that everyone else loathes? Go tell us about it! --Mr...

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Ys buyers guide photo
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The Ys buyers guide

[In honor of the newest Ys game's release, I thought it appropriate to promote JoyfulSanity's wonderful series buyers guide. Want to see your own blog appear on our front page? Go write something! --Mr Andy Dixon] I've been seeing a lot of ...


December is the month I go somber (99% NVGR)

Ever since I started blogging here around the beginning of the year, I've been thinking I should keep away from talking about personal drama or struggles for the sake of my own (joyful)sanity. For this month, I think it's for the best that...

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About JoyfulSanityone of us since 5:05 PM on 07.09.2012

I'm a guy who likes to write about videogames. Sometimes in funny ways and sometimes in artsy ways. You'll just have to read my blogs to find out the difference between the two!

I'm in my mid 20s, I'm from the United States, and this is currently the most productive thing I'm doing with my B.A. in English. I also tend to write really long comments in response to people that start to read like mini-blogs. I apologize in advance for the walls of text.

Also, I like to have fun. I write about controversies sometimes because I get compelled, but I much prefer using caps lock to convey my love for quality RPGs.

If you like my content on Destructoid, you can find even more of it by going to my website!


I'm currently playing the following:
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I Love Final Fantasy: All The Bravest
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My fondest videogame memories involve breaking them

My blogs are like my childrens and I love them all. Having said that...

The following are my personal favorite blogs among what I've written here:

Why I Love Your Blog
A 100% Objective Review of the Ys Series
Sexualized is a lazy term
Klonoa 2 is awesome and you should play it

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