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Chicago rocked as much as I'd hoped and then some. Crazy how good they still sound after all these years.


Holy shit, my tickets for Chicago are center stage? Let's f**kin' gooooo!


My mom just surprised me with tickets to see Chicago live tomorrow, so that's all kinds of excellent.


This finally showed up at my local record store for $5 and I couldn't be happier. Who doesn't love this album?


After playing a few hours of Actraiser Renaissance I can say it's absolutely fantastic. It only improves upon the original and I personally like the Sabre Wulf/Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon art style of the platforming sections.


The new RAM for my computer finally arrived and has been installed. Now I can have both my video editing program AND a web browser open at the same time! This should increase video making productivity tenfold! I hope to have my next vid out by next week.


The new RAM for my PC was supposed to arrive last Saturday, but it's Tuesday and it's still not here. I can't start editing my latest YouTube video until it arrives, so this is somewhat frustrating considering I was really on a roll with this new hobby.


I'm gonna make the bold choice to start featuring my face on the thumbnails of my videos. I've been loath to put my face online, but this whole video making thing is about coming out of my shell. Still not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm going with it!


Just had a complete power outage in my neighborhood that won't be resolved until tomorrow afternoon. Looks like I won't be getting to play my copy of Deathloop until tomorrow. This is kind of the worst.


My first Youtube video reached 69 views. Nice.


Were you interested in watching an 8 minute video essay about a VTuber talk show and how/why it deviates from the traditional talk show format? No? Well that's cool, but if for some reason you are then my first Youtube video is for you.


Finally, my first Youtube video uploads at 9 AM. It isn't great and probably won't get many views, but I've already got a huge sense of accomplishment right now. Think I'll wait for my RAM upgrade to arrive before I make another though.


So turns out editing video on my 2014 Alienware Steam Machine with 8 GB of RAM is kind of a chore. Constant slowdown and program crashing. I finally sprung for some new RAM. In a week we'll see how well Davinci Resolve 17 runs on 16 GB of RAM.


Learning video editing has been going smoother than expected and I'll hopefully be uploading my very first YouTube video by this Saturday. Now I gotta brainstorm ideas for what to film next. Think, think, think.


I think I'm going to start a YouTube channel. I've already got a script for my first video and everything. Now I just need to learn how to even make a video! Guess I'll finally get to put that Vegas Pro 15 I got from Humble Bundle years ago to use.


Finally started to consistently clear Lvl 16 difficulty songs on K-Shoot Mania. Never thought I'd reach this point, but then again there was a time when I thought I'd never be able to do 6 button mode in DJMAX and I mastered that eventually.


I know enough Japanese now that I can actually read the box of my copy of Torneko no Daibōken: Fushigi no Dungeon for Super Famicom. Obviously it's not all that impressive, but it's little milestones like this that keep me motivated!


Japanese self-study is going good so far. Got through Nakama 1 & 2 and now on to Tobira. Man, things get pretty intense from here on out, huh? The amount of vocab, grammar, and kanji I have to memorize per chapter has increased exponentially. wew lad


While Axiom Verge mostly takes from the Metroid side of Metroidvania, Axiom Verge 2 is all about that Castlevania goodness. Definitely not what I expected, but I'm enjoying it so far. It's clear it understands what players want from the genre.


Back 4 Blood has the skeleton of Left 4 Dead, but none of the soul. I miss the unique sound cues for each special infected and the hordes. I miss the panicked, arcade style shooting instead of having to aim down my sights to hit glowing red spots.


Rate my Gameboy/Color/Advance collection on the Sonic Trick Exclamation Scale: Good, Great, Awesome, Outstanding, or Amazing.


Apparently Pokemon cards are back in vogue once again. Truth be told I hadn't looked at my collection in years before today. Maybe I should do a blog post on them soon. I have a couple cards that bring back a lot of memories for me, like this Charizard.


If you saw my qpost yesterday you might have an idea as to what's inside this box.


My Prince cassette collection as of today. I wasn't expecting to like his debut album as much as I did and Come is a very underrated album. Can't wait for Chaos and Disorder and Emancipation to arrive later this week.


A Slave to Speed: Slow Down, Sonic!

Sonic has a speed problem. No, this is not some kind of edgy joke about the Blue Blur struggling with a drug addiction, I mean it literally. Sonic is too fast for his own good. The “Gotta Go Fast” mentality that has infect...


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