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Fangs for the Memories: F.E.A.R

I have played many horror games over the years and games with horror elements in it. Ravenholm in Half Life 2 still gives me the creeps (especially with the cinematic mod's visual overhaul). Resident Evil 4 is still one of the greates...


Metro Last Light Review

Metro 2033 was a very mixed game. On one hand, it had astoundingly terrifying atmosphere and interesting characters. On the other hand, it was broken, with terribly frustrating stealth and combat. Its sequel, Metro Last Light, fixes all o...


Marvel Heroes...not so heroic

So John Walker over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun has published a devastating critique of Marvel Heroes, the just released FTP-MMO-ARPG, and he pulls no punches cascading the game. It is a good read and you should definitely give it a look if yo...


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My name is Nader Ghazi Hobballah. I love video games, movies, music, politics, history, exercise, and writing.

I like destructoid and I felt it was time to make my own contribution to this publication.

I also write for the Murfreesboro Pulse's video game section as of 2013:


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