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Whose turn is it?


I am become Jedi.


Elden Ring Status: (sorry to post so much, it's been awhile since I had a game enter my life in such a massive way. Thanks for being cool with my frenzied enthusiasm)


A triple birthday of some alumni! What is this, a crossover episode? Thanks for sharing your humor, hot takes and personal triumphs and struggle with us over the years. Have a great day!


Here are some facts for ya. I started Elden Ring at Midnight on Friday. I don't play video games while my kids are awake/home. (They were home Friday). Their usual bedtime is 9, asleep by 9:30. As of now, I have 18 hours played. I feel hollow and happy.


Feb 25 edit 0 I don't know the Elden Ring sales figures, but there are nearly six hundred fifty thousand people streaming on Twitch. Oh boy, I think this thing moved some units.


Hey Xbox friends. New Zealand is real nice this morning. If you fancy a visit


Current Status:


This is incredible. Remainder of the fan comic sequentially in comments.


Street Fighting 6


Wholesome Status.


Have fun in the Forbidden West Wing. May you soar over that Horizon.


Part nostalgia, part foreboding, part wandering, all amazing. Thank you Alphadeus for this smooth jam. I'll be ReCalling Home on repeat for a long while.


All right. Game of the Year. Free on steam. Wow. My heart has been completely won over. Please please please give this a try. Edit: It may be unsettling for some. As the picture suggests. Go in as blind as possible on this thing. It's only 30 mins.


Well, my Wii U is all just streaming apps for the kids, but here is my 3DS.


Current post-direct status


Cleaning the house today. I need to find more board game space. It's surprisingly difficult to get rid of stuff. Pic sort of related.


Potentially offensive YouTube video in comments.


Current Status


Watch your step. There's some bullshit about.


Dear Embracer Group, plees buy Hello Games they make no man's sky and I lik the spac monsters. I drew a piktur of a chef showed my mom his prized butternut squash and she is impressed. Love Hinkleo Koijimama.


I wonder if there are conversations going on atm that sound something like "I'll share mine if you share yours".


I appreciate that no one had shared roster spoilers for Arceus outside what has already been revealed in trailers. I'd kindly request we continue doing so. Maybe save pictures for inside comments. Thanks all. I've gone in almost completely blind.


Similar to Cathedral, here is a photo from my back yard. Less than an inch on one side. More than a foot on the other. For our metric friends, that translates to tiny on one side and tall on the other. Got you, my UK boos.


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