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I'm seeing so people bragging about their "achievements" in Elden Ring and thought you all needed some perspective.


I love when a notification makes my day.


Happy Birthday Alphadeus. You've given so much to this community; your talent, your optimism and your struggles. I hope today treats you as well as you deserve and then some.


I wonder how long time dtoider and wordsmith Matt Damon is doing. I miss his random and yet somehow designed self-reflective comments.


I love these creatures. One of my favorite world foes to fight, along with runebears. (They are in the trailers and load screens, so I hope it's not a spoiler). Anyone else have a favorite non-boss monster?


Anyone have a link or list as to what out of the State of Play were exclusive to Playstation?


Why would you be mostly naked when you could be moistly naked?


Whose turn is it?


I am become Jedi.


Elden Ring Status: (sorry to post so much, it's been awhile since I had a game enter my life in such a massive way. Thanks for being cool with my frenzied enthusiasm)


A triple birthday of some alumni! What is this, a crossover episode? Thanks for sharing your humor, hot takes and personal triumphs and struggle with us over the years. Have a great day!


Here are some facts for ya. I started Elden Ring at Midnight on Friday. I don't play video games while my kids are awake/home. (They were home Friday). Their usual bedtime is 9, asleep by 9:30. As of now, I have 18 hours played. I feel hollow and happy.


Feb 25 edit 0 I don't know the Elden Ring sales figures, but there are nearly six hundred fifty thousand people streaming on Twitch. Oh boy, I think this thing moved some units.


Hey Xbox friends. New Zealand is real nice this morning. If you fancy a visit


Current Status:


This is incredible. Remainder of the fan comic sequentially in comments.


Street Fighting 6


Wholesome Status.


Have fun in the Forbidden West Wing. May you soar over that Horizon.


Part nostalgia, part foreboding, part wandering, all amazing. Thank you Alphadeus for this smooth jam. I'll be ReCalling Home on repeat for a long while.


All right. Game of the Year. Free on steam. Wow. My heart has been completely won over. Please please please give this a try. Edit: It may be unsettling for some. As the picture suggests. Go in as blind as possible on this thing. It's only 30 mins.


Well, my Wii U is all just streaming apps for the kids, but here is my 3DS.


Current post-direct status


Cleaning the house today. I need to find more board game space. It's surprisingly difficult to get rid of stuff. Pic sort of related.


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