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A box? But, what's in it?


Man, speaking of Deus Ex, they be having some whacky emails!


Some of you folks may be interested in this. I certainly am. Grabbing the core game, xmen hero version and Fantastic 4 add on.


Wife brought home a friend today.


Really interesting insight into the Act/Blizz purchase. It's a bit heresay, about of Grubb's work is, but it seems Act/Blizz was actively looking to be purchased. If not MS, likely another company would have. Thoughts? (Besides Grubb's track record)


I'm putting this puppy here to soften the impact of Slimey's post below.


I know it got lost in the shuffle, but Drinkbox Games' (of Guacamelee fame) new game, Nobody Saves the World is really good. Diablo 3-like specifically in the way you manage abilities. Great art, solid humor. On GamePass. I'll probably doubledip on Switch


Welp. What can I say. My kids run the house. Beat Saber is all my wife, as well. I did lean harder into xbox this year, though.


Big flex, but can MS flex hard enough to bring my precious War/Fall of Cybertron to GamePass. Time will tell, but one can dream.


I thought we were having a solar eclipse, but turns out it was just Hard Drive throwing shade.


On an infinite loading screen in Saints Row 4 for a week. No help online. Reinstalls/replayed. Same problem at end of same mission (flying a spaceship). Come across absurd suggestion: non-stop barrel rolls at level end. It worked. Barrel-rolls saved me!


Well I did a Wordle. Are you happy now? Peer pressure your thing, huh. Big man with your letters??? It's fun.


This must have been intentional. Right?


Confession time: I'm really enjoying Saints Row 4 on Switch. It runs ok at best, but I'm having a blast anyway. Not sure I'll stick with it for long, but for now I'll be jumping around as a Super powered Southern Belle.


For fans of Galfied Minus Garfield and the weird I'm Sorry Jon stuff, here's a cool and surprisingly thorough examination of what Garfield is and qhy it lends itself so well to the sinister and bizarre. (Some sensitive topics included).


Cool! I say this fully aware of the absolutely justified controversy surrounding Ubi. I'm glad I will get to experience great games by great developers without giving $60-70 to the publisher.


PSA: The incredible Gorogoa is now on GamePass. It's a one sitting game with absolutely brilliant puzzle design that utilizes its art to great effect. Please give it a try, it's an all time favorite.


Some good vibes.


Not really a resolution, but the goal this year is to finally buy a house. I've got alot of work to get there by my target date (by September so kids in New school). Alot of micro resolutions to make that goal a reality. Time to cull the subscriptions.


Happy New Year. I wish all of you a prosperous, healthy and fulfilling 2022. You all made my 2021 more bearable. Thanks for the friendship, laughs, and occasionally audacious opinions about them vidya gaems. Much love. Let's do this.


Happy Birthday, Soulbow. I hope you get all the NFT monkeys you deserve.


Encanto is as enchanting as its premise. Some absolute bangers. Someone shared a song earlier, but here's the real Broadway worthy show stopper. Watch it, my people. It slaps. (No music video to avoid spoilers and masterclass choreography)


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