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We live... in a... I don't even know anymore.


Bueno incoming. 32 oz. Crowler of Adomination's Forbidden Pumpkin. 9.3% Has lactose, vanilla, pumpkin and almost no pumpkin spice. It's like and Hazy IPA Creamsicle. What are you all up to this evening? (Best boi card for size comparison). Beuno acheived.


Bust deez rhymes with your mouth.


About to eat a steamed ham.


Happy birthday to a dtoider who really knows how to fuz my unga.


Sure, sex is nice. But have you tried getting lots of internet points?


Capcom, my proposal. Just stick all the Battle Network games on a switch cart and charge me $60.


Never stop never stopping.


4 notes.


My 5 year old daughter pulled me over at the Halloween store to tell me she found a Harry Potter costume.


What the fuck am I going to do if Bloodborne 2 is real, people. I can't afford a ps5. What is the going rate on kidneys? Current status:


Current Status:


Dere Diary, Happy Birthday. I love our potty talk, hehe. Hope you had an exciting day. It's always nice to see you pop up on the old qtoid feed.


Today has been a tough day with alot of scares as a dad. Things are starting to look better over here, but I'm quite mentally drained. I'll be damned if my kids notice, though. Back to being a super dad! #striptoid


#AdToid eh. I took a screenshot of the first thing I saw when I loaded the front page, unaltered. (I know our editors are working hard on the fix. I don't hold it against my dtoid crew).


Happy Birthday Retro! May your processing always be a blast! Enjoy leftover cringe!


We have some youtubers on here. I hope this helps.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! In truth, it was a rather hectic day. Your kind words, humor, cringe and pic/gifs kept me smiling throughout. Excited for another 365 with all you wonderful people.


Sometimes my poops have phases like a Final Fantasy end boss. This is one of those times.


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