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Gamemaniac's birthday calls for a drum solo from dtoid's current mascot. Hope it's a good one, buddy!


Hoping I don't get banned for this underage bread image.


Its finally back!


Time to slip into something comfy and just loaf around the house.


My brothers D&D live play is... live. Yeah. I reccomend sticking around for at least the first 1h 30m. Lots of laughs.


Dune: War for Arrakis kickstarter is up. 7 days only. Designed by the team that made the incredible LotR: War of the Ring board game. Components are looking just as good as the gameplay. Check it out!


Bee and Puppycat is wonderful.


A year older! I feel really good about 38. Took big steps to bettering my self. Wish I could have done so sooner but thats America, baby. Also celebrated my 3rd anniversary. It was a quiet day, but still pleasant. Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday.


New video from my brother's D&D game sponsored by Dungeons and Dragons. Andy is my brother, btw. Episode 1 comes out in the second week of September. Will post then.


What could be in this box, whose tape was laid so finely by deft and subtle hands?


Afternoon Board Game: Scythe. This is a real fine game folks. As pretty on the outside as the inside. Also played a round of Unmatched. Buffy's Angel vs. Bigfoot. Angel took the win, but with only 2 health to spare.


What grade school subject goes on what folder? Or just give a silly answer, but I am genuinely curious.




You know whats pretty amazing? Well, yes, that. But I was referring to The Hobbit/LotR audio books. Specifically the fact that Andy Serkis narrates them all expertly. I highly reccomend The Hobbit specifically, although they are all wonderful experiences.


Thoughts on Cult of the Lamb? Thinking of picking it up to play on my 2 week break before classes start back up.


Today needs a sub-status. It's just like that.


Current Status:


My brother is in an officially sponsored Dungeons and Dragons live stream this weekend for Tattoo artist called Ink-U-Bus. He's playing Mickey and did all the character portraits, logo, and iconography.


Happy Birthday Chronolynxx! Sorry for the late wishes but I hope your day was memorable! Totally leaned on the main inspiration of your username with this gif of a yawning Lynx.


I've been a week without my allergy medication and it's safe to say any built up reserves I had in my system are depleted. Pic unrelated.


Tonight's board game: Summer Camp! Perfect introductory deck builder. Lots of replayability thanks to multiple theme decks, of which only 3 are used each game. Highly reccomend as a gateway game.


Yesterday I was foolishly busy working and spending time with the family while I should have been fasting and subjugating at the monument to manhood named The Actual Chalton Heston and the good fortune that I should exist on his birthday. Hope it was sexy


This looks like a movie that could have released anytime in the last 25 years and I had forgotten it even existed. That said, I'm so very excited to see it. Loving that Mimic and Gelatinous Cube!


Could be a typo. Or could be Mike just found his dream job.


Boys and Girls, I did it! I finally won a round of Spirit Island. Felt like a dirty cheat, but thats the spirit I played. This is a FromSoftware level of euphoria. Victory image in comments.


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