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This package finally came! It's awesome, though the game hasn't aged well in this era of River City Girls and Streets of Rage 4.


I am so happy these got a reprint. The articles contained therein are so good. Such fun reads!


I adore this. The box lights up and plays E1M1 music!


It turns out I have a type, and it's Team Secret Agent in KOF XV.


Quite disappointed this particular moment did not happen in either Venom film.


After playing the Castlevania Advance Collection, I'm wondering: When will we get the Castlevania DS Collection? And what would the theoretical fourth bonus game be?


I had some fun vinyl shopping.


Aw yeah, my Foo Fighters disco album came in the mail!


Your boy was EXTREMELY LUCKY getting this PS5.


The only thing giving me dread about Metroid is fighting scalpers for that Special Edition.


Me: I'm committed to one partner and crave emotional connection. Also me: There's nothing wrong with having two girlfriends at once.


I went to a friend's studio that she rents for drum lessons. Here's my concentration face.


I woke up today to peak immunity from COVID! It's time to make plans with the friends I remember being real.


My arm the day after I received my second vaccine.


A very Happy Birthday to you, Occams! Here is a book recommendation that is very "you."


There's only one way I want to die.


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