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A lot of these "X character being X for X minutes" videos feel like YT channels made by the companies themselves. I'm not the only one thinks that yeah?


That is the Thriller Bark completed! That was a fun arc. Just the breather needed after the high that was Enies Lobby. Like a roller coaster, after you go down, you gotta climb that ramp back up. So good.


I finished the Enies Lobby Arc of One Piece. Now i remember why this one is my favorite so far. That ending was a tearjerker. This is where I left off in One Piece. Thriller Bark is new territory.


Whoa. Looks like that Sea of Thieves Easter Egg wasn't just for show


I've been re-reading One Piece the past few days cause there's been some buzz about the latest chapters and hoo Boi, this has been so fun. The emotional beats still hits hard as well. I missed this. I'm currently at the Skypeia arc.


I have not seen the will Smith clip until this video. Yeesh that sounded intense.


Testament in Guilty Gear LETS GOOO!


Fullmetal Alchemist. Fullmetal Alchemist.


Woke up hungy. gonna order something nice today.


I finished this book in a single sitting today called Legends & Lattes. It's a pretty sweet read about Viv the Orc Barbarian wanting to make a fresh start from adventuring and start up a Cafe. A literal Coffee Shop trope and I like it.


It finally here.


My order for the Root RPG came in today! And it looks wonderful!


This really was the week of ToraDora for me. I finished my Sunday with the finale and it was so fun to rewatch it again. It really got to me a few times and made me laugh as well. It's a must watch.


I had a great time playing Fate for the first time with Roager as GM. Will have to learn the system a bit more, but overall I believe I managed. My character is a knight, whose great at riding a horse and loooves to drink and gamble. He threw up a lot!


Ooo I've been waiting for this one!


What's in the boxity-box?


Mmm on episode 10 of ToraDora. Always love a good beach episode.


whats in the box?


Hmm I feel like rewatching toradora tonight.


I got my first Great Rune in Elden Ring yesterday. Whew, that was a journey and a half. So far I have never done any of this solo. Jolly co-operation is my way to go. Also Magic go pew-pew!


Take that tree sentinal!


So, no maidens?


Oooooh Happy birthday Vxxy, Jester and Limo! I hope yall have a good day!


I've been playing Catherine on switch today and Boi is that fun platforming. I'm a little creeped out by having Rin as love interest. Way too young in my eyes.


The true Elden Ring experience


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