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Let's see Yoshi P's soundtrack


Oh yeah. That tracks.


Oh thank God the persona games are coming to switch. I'll be getting those versions.


Things are looking up. Got a raise from minimum wage($15) to $20/hr. A lot of the retail or restaraunt joints around here were giving around $17-$19 so it was a nice surprise my workplace did a similar move.


If only Sony would be able to put the persona 3 fes as a ps2 classic on ps4/5. That'd definitely be a welcome option since they're porting P3P.


Hopped on my psvita for some persona 3 P and didn't expect an update. Then I had to do a qr code link to sign into psn. I forgot that was a thing.


Ok that is Lower Decks caught up! I am so down for season 3 and already saw the teaser. 2x09 and 2x10 were really great and gave me a bunch of laughs.


Star Trek Lower Decks is such a delight. At first I thought it'd be making fun of Star Trek, but nah, you can clearly see the writers love the franchise. A really fun show.


Watched a few episodes of star trek lower decks and it's pretty funny. I'm liking it a lot.


Dragons Dogma 2 baby! Its real! And Crisis Core is getting a Remake! Today is pretty good.


Tactics Ogre: Reborn was listed at PSN? Lets goooo! We're one step closer to Final Fantasy Tactics y'all! https://store.playstation.com/en-us/concept/10001956


Look I'm not saying Starfield is a No Man's Sky Ripoff... Ok that's exactly what Im saying.


Nintendos store is back up!


ffxiv 6.15 is here? Hildi, I'm coming baby!!!


They just don't miss


I believe I was a bit too harsh on Dragon Quest XI. The soundtrack overall is still good, but not the best in the series. Honestly what I really didnt like was the overworld theme. It can get pretty grating. The synphonic version helps though.


I never played sonic colors but this still gave me a good laugh.


A really big critique I have of Dragon Quest XI is that the music sucks and there is not enough tracks to give each area its own personality. It's always re-used town and dungeon themes. More below:


Thanks to Dragon Quest X, my desire to actually beat a DQ game has been renewed. I've returned to XI on Switch and it is a real good time. I believe I've gotten all my companions so far. Not only that but this just arrived from Ebay!


I unlocked the ability to change Vocations in DQX! I tried out Thief with some new gear. Its cool that DQX has the event every 5 hours where metal slimes are everywhere on the map, which allows for quick leveling. Everyone was going at it.


The more I play Dragon Quest X, the more I think its more akin to DQIX and that's a good thing. I believe if they should make another local wireless multiplayer DQ. Perhaps in DQ10 Offline version??? I'm just saying. That'd be a huge selling point.


Yknow what. Square should port the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI onto mobile.


I may have a final fantasy xi obsession.


Cool cool cool. So yesterday apparently teachers and staff except me and the other custodians got an email explaining that two kids got heated and threatened to shoot the school up. They already were taken aside. I wouldn't have come to work if I was told


Dragon Quest X's gameplay is very similar to FFXI where it has an active turn based battle system. Right now it is way more accessible than FF11. Quests have good conveyance, npcs tell me where to get my quest items and I have npc party members! Its fun!


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