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Metroid Bed. As in I could really use a nap rn. Zzzz


Its a good thing I skipped watching the last two metroid dread trailers. Those are some heavy gameplay spoilers. Bullet dodged.


I started Metroid Zero Mission on my WiiU. Let's go! Already got the Power Grip. Samus can now... grab ledges. Heh, this is a total y can't Metroid crawl moment.


Just beat Metroid Dread in 10 hours! What a fun, fantastic game. I've never beaten a Metroid game before today and I think I wanna go back to my wiiu to play zero mission, samus returns, and them fusion. Already watched max dood beat Super so I'm good.


I didn't want to finish all of metroid over the weekend. I wanna find as many things as I can before I beat it. That being said, I found a lot of goodies tonight. Dread is so good.


Mildy hot take: If you're going to have a game with multiple endings, you better make that game short, no one wants to play a really long game like an rpg again just for another ending. Have wildly different ways to get those endings. EX: Chrono trigger.


Aside from the soundtrack not really sticking to me, Metroid Dread is a real good time. I'm really enjoying exploring and finding new gear to unlock pathways with. 6.5 hours in so far and loving it.


As an experienced healer, I actually appreciate this. Challenge accepted and when(not if) we die, we die.


Managed to nab that Metroid Poster set. Now to play the waiting game.


Currently redownloading kingdom hearts cause of the smash reveal and idk why but I almost teared up thinking about the times growing up with KH. You ever often feel nostalgia because those were times where you weren't afraid of the future?


Happy Birthday Mike! No, this doesn't mean you can touch my dog.


Sora in Smash is such a dream come true. I was hoping when it came to the track list they would use The 13th Struggle. That song slapped so hard in KH2 when you first saw dual-wielding keyblade appear. So good


Huh, update on the ffxiv, I don't think its my new hori controller, its happening with my ps4 controller too. Its either ffxiv or steams controller configs.


I got a new Xbox controller from hori. Using it on pc for ffxiv, the keys sometimes jam and the stick inputs make my character walk by itself sometimes. Guess it's back to the ps4 controller.


How does Nick prepare for his cases on short notice?


So that World Flipper is a really neat Pinball game, and this mermaid I pulled will definitely appeal to a certain someone here.


Me looking at new Amphibia meme: Wheeze.jpg


Mmm. Really really annoyed that in Youtubes search results, after a few results, it has a People Also Watched section and after that there's a For You section. Both which have no relation to the thing Im searching for.


Actually that's an amphibia spoiler sorry, the cool video will be below:


Played a bit more Night in the Woods tonight. Well it got a little too relatable too quickly. Also Mae and Bea are Bandit Queens forever!


Due to Oxenfree, I think I wanna try Night in the Woods next. Mostly because of this meme


Happy birthday GM! Have a great day cuz


Hey yal, give me recommendations for that nintendo eshop sale.


Wow. Art by Zal-Cryptid


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