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What's in the... uh...packages!




I love one(1) Bisexual dumbass


He said it! He said the line!


Well that Humble Bundle Falcom sale came at the right time as I started Trails in the Sky back up. Second Chapter and 3rd was nabbed.


Maybe I should get Melty Blood


Taking a break from Tales of Arise and finally finished the prologue to Trails in the Sky! Estelle and Joshua are hilarious together. The writing so far is been really charming and am excited to see what happens next. To Bose!


Damn, Tales of Arise continues to impress me. I just beat the 3rd country and my new party members are really cool. Kisara definitely a great addition to the team and her playstyle is fun.


I decided to continue Tales of Arise yesterday. I stopped after beating the first area and stopped at the beginning of the third. My impressions have been fantastic. Team up attacks with your teammates are so hype. I can't believe I dropped this. So good.


Lookie what I found at my local game store


This moment gave me a good laugh.


I collected everything in Psychonauts 2! Thank god for that update that allows you to spot collectibles with a tool cause some of those collecitbles blend to much into the environment. Great game. I'd replay this all the time.


I keep thinking there was a missed story opportunity in Psychonauts 2 to partner and bond with an intern in each level. Woulda been cool.


I beat Psychonauts 2. My first game beaten in 2022 and wow, what a amazing game to start the year off. I love the new cast, especially the interns. The levels are so inventive and combat and movement feels so much better. I want a physical copy so bad now


I started Psychonauts Rhombus of Ruin and I did not expect to beat that game in under two hours. That was a really neat vr game. Short, sweet amd to the point. It even gives a hint on what's next for Part 2. Now onto the next!


Woo! I just finished Psychonauts! That was a really good time. I love the art style, the hilarious characters and the level designs. My favorite level has gotta be Edgars. Thtt place looked really cool. Its not without its flaws but I give it a 9/10.


Just beat a couple more minds in psychonauts. Its really really fun


Continuing my journey into Psychonauts and i finished the Milkman level. That was entertaining! Though I did have to get a guide cause I was stuck. Turned out the one bit was bugged and I had to reset it.


I played Psychonauts today. Continuing where I left off last time. I never got far into it. I just got to the start of the Milkman area. Man it is so charming. I think I'll finish it this time and maybe go to psychonauts 2.


So I just finished part 1 of sea of thieves: a pirates life and forget jack sparrow, give me goddamn monkey island!


Xbox series s is up on amazon for $299


I wonder since ffxiv is more popular now than before, they might consider making an Xbox port. It'll be a lot of work but it might bring more new players.


Ok first impressions of the Xbox. The hub is not very intuitive. The Microsoft store is even more confusing? I don't think I can find the options to just see all the games from a-z. Is there a filter option to see the og Xbox games cause I want morrowind.


Got my Xbox Series X! Instantly install Lost Odyssey and Halo infinite. Let's go!


My brother got tested today and his results were positive. Says his symptoms were mild and is currently resting.


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