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It's nice to know that Roxas and Xion has found side jobs until kingdom hearts 4.


Hey all, I made a cohost account as well: https://cohost.org/Parismio


What? No. That's bullshit. Chris Moyse is one of the best things to happen to this site. I'm sorry Moyse. This sucks and you shouldn't have to be forced out like that.


Heh, thinking on it, the plot of ff16 is really just one very long Battle Royale game.


I downloaded ff16 Thursday and have been going ham on it. It's so fun, and I actually have been using Graphics mode as it's very consistent. God dude, it's so fun and I made it past Act 1(I think). Notorious Hunts are challenging and I like em.


FF16 won't be here til Saturday. Dang


I may still have to wait for my physical copy for ff16 but at least I can listen to the mini soundtrack they sent by email. Yep, the track "Away" is such a banger.


I'm so glad daisy is playable outside of sports games. We need more daisy in our lives.


Glad HappyConsoleGamer really likes FF16.


Hoo Boi, I haven't touched zelda or sf6 in a minute thanks to the ff16 demo. I decided to continue ff7R's Intergrade DLC and it's fun! I haven't played it in a long time and only played like an hour of it back then.


Since today was the first I've heard that One Piece was getting a Netflix Adaptation, I looked to see what was shown off before the trailer and wow, there was a set sneak peak a year back with a look at Baraties. Im cautiously excited now.


Just saw The Flash. Man that CGI was atrocious. The babies, nightmarish. Batmans' face, ghastly. Everything else was pretty decent. Overall I think it'll be more fun with a few drinks.


This game is gonna be so fun.


Looks like the ff16 collectors edition is back in stock.


Just me and the bois casually strolling through the sewers.


One of the coolest things from the ff16 stream was that the devs were fans of some the on stage guests. Koji Fox being a fan of Max Dood and Soken vibing with Alex Moukala over music is such a mood. Also Max taking on a S Rank hunt was hype!


FF16 demo downloaded. Let's goooo!


Ooh, the trailer dropped!


Square dropped a sick live action trailer on their stream. So cool. it'll prolly drop on their yt channel in a bit.


man I pre-ordered that Torgal Plush and FF16 soundtrack a little too fast.


aay ff16 demos drops tomorrow 1am pdt


Aay, a final fantasy xvi pre-launch stream is coming up w maximillian dood. That sounds fun. Hopefully a demo gets released tonight.



This has to be the best line in a book summary I've read in a long time. If it's one thing Goths don't do is quit.


Yep, these are two terrifying types of characters to fight against


Just hanging with the bestie!


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