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I downloaded and played Dragon Quest X tonight in passable english! Im using those machine translators that translates on the fly. Its not perfect but it works! Only put an hour in cause its late but i'm excited to play more!


Let's goooooo!


Ok. Wow, I leveled my Dancer to 50 in a few hours with a leveling Ring and a trust thats a king moogle who increaes my exp. That's wild. Im now currently accepting a quest that increases my level cap to 55 and a artifact quest which gives me my job gear.


I have unlocked Dancer in FF11! It was pretty neat because the quest had me go into this Maw that I always see everywhere and it turned out that it took me to Wings of the Goddess content! Sick. This is my teacher lady and I think I wanna main this job.


I really went in on Final Fantasy XI the past couple of days. I made it to level 43 red mage and progressed the story a bit. I'm using a guide that actually tells what content I can do in order. I started the rhapsody of Vana'diel and wow, its cool.


I saw Dr. Strange in theaters with my dad. It was good. I think it has some pacing issues and it could've had some scenes cut out of it but overall I give it a 7/10.


What's in the box!?


FF14 is in maintenance tonight so I've just been enjoying Shenpai's stuff again.


I was checking out one of the ff14 1.0 intros. I started with Limsas' and thinking it was coo-waaaaait a minute.


Im trying to buy that Final Fantasy 1-6 bundle for $14 on steam but it wont let me. It keeps going back to the homepage. I can't buy them individually as well. I dont know if i missed some news about that but I think I'll try later.


The biggest surprise I'm learning of FF14's ARR revamped content is that Cape Westwind is pretty cool now.


I have unlocked the Mail Carrier job!


Happy Birthday Occams!


Oh yeah, this was what got me into Kingdom Hearts as well.


I finished watching The Batman just now. That is a fantastic movie. This really feels like what a Batman movie should be: a Batman that cares about life and not murder! Take notes batfleck.


I tried getting a house on ffxiv over the weekend. I didn't win the lottery but eh, it's all right. Next time.


These plates are such a treasure:


I actually played and enjoyed ff14s pvp mode today! It's actually very fun. I think the 5 min time limit is what helps. It doesn't drag on at all. It also lets me see other ppls adventure plates and wow, a lot of these are saucy.


Following Willow, I'd like to share my Adventurer Plate as well!


Rip Mr Gottfried, I've enjoyed this video you made, short that it is.


Man that kh4 news is something.


A lot of these "X character being X for X minutes" videos feel like YT channels made by the companies themselves. I'm not the only one thinks that yeah?


That is the Thriller Bark completed! That was a fun arc. Just the breather needed after the high that was Enies Lobby. Like a roller coaster, after you go down, you gotta climb that ramp back up. So good.


I finished the Enies Lobby Arc of One Piece. Now i remember why this one is my favorite so far. That ending was a tearjerker. This is where I left off in One Piece. Thriller Bark is new territory.


Whoa. Looks like that Sea of Thieves Easter Egg wasn't just for show


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