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The Newbies Guide for DLC (PS3 Edition)

They are the 3 letters that can make us PS3 gamers happy, or just plain piss us the hell off. D.L.C. For those of you who have on idea what that means (I'm talking to you PS3 Newbies out there), It stands for DownLoadable Content. It's su...


G4 Killed "Attack" and "XPlay"

People, a tragedy has befallen the gaming community. If you have the G4 Network on your Cable, Satellite or IPTV Service, and you surf the web for things other than porn, then you already know the news: The G4 Network has Cancelled "Atta...


PlayBoyMan's Humor: "My La-Mulana Nightmares..."

In January 2006, I had the good fortune of playing an MSX Port of a game called La-Mulana. It was just amazing. You know how when you play a game for the very first time, those little hairs on your head stand up? You eyes widen, your finger...


Who is this "PlayBoyMan" ?

I just realized that I have blogged twice, and didn't even tell you about myself first. Let's correct this, shall we? The name is PlayBoyMan - and yes the P,B and M in my name are meant to be capital at all times; It's my signature style, ...


"Next-Gen: Will PS4 Win the Next Console War??"

Short answer: Yes. Why? keep reading... I am a big PlayStation Fan. BIG. I have a PS1 (The original). PS2 (Big and Slim). There is a Brand new PS3 that have yet to be unboxed by me, and a TON of games between the 3 consoles. Yes...a Big...


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