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Finished God Hand today. A game I've been meaning to get around to for ages. Didn't like the tank controls but the level of customisation over your abilities was really cool. A lot of goofy fun overall.


Completed Lost in Random today. Surprised how much I enjoyed it. It also spent 15 hours building up to a single pun.


Does anyone around here have Forza Horizon 1 with the Rally DLC that would be willing to help me with some multiplayer achievement hunting? Would return the favour of course. (bump)


Finished off replaying Ico today. Even 20 years later, it's a really special little game.


No prizes for guessing my most played Wii U game.


Finished MGS4 today. Wow, what a game. Maybe my favourite of the series so far.


It is the winter solstice. Go play OneShot.


Just beat Halo Infinite. Originally I wasn't even going to play it after the mess of Halo 5. I went in very sceptical but was pleasantly surprised, it's pretty good. Still a lot of problems but I had fun with it.


With Infinite out I've got Halo on the mind again, and damn if this series doesn't have some absolute bangers.


My Switch didn't get much use this year...


Anyone else having trouble with Disqus on the front page? I can comment on Qtoid but it won't let me log in on the FP.


Finished off Scarlet Nexus today. Had a lot of fun with it. The story is a mess by the end, but the combat is really fun and it's dripping with style.


Zeno Clash 3 just got announced out of nowhere! Sort of.


Today was the last content update for Forza Horizon 4. I kept up with it every week, totalling at 468 hours played. Although I'll still go back to it every so often, it feels like the end of an era.


I've been sinking a load of time in to a NG+ run of Final Fantasy XV lately. Having lots of fun with the photo mode again too.


Played the demo for Scarlet Nexus today. Actually pretty impressed. Using psychic powers to link combos together was a lot of fun, and the aesthetic is very cool.


Finished off the final ending of Drakengard 3 today. I hate this game, but also love it. The final boss was really cool. I never want to have to do it ever again. Also the music for it is great, some of Keiichi Okabe's best work.


Just finished the original Drakengard. It's a strange, ugly, tedious game, but I couldn't help but like it. Very interesting approach to story that goes some wild places. Soundtrack is weirdly compelling too.


Shouting out OneShot for #indietoid A sombre game with an adorable protagonist that breaks the fourth wall and explores the relation between a player and the game in really interesting ways. More recommendations in the comments.


Decade old hot take, Need for Speed: The Run is pretty bad. I don't know why I can't stop giving these damn games so many chances that they don't deserve.


Finished Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Very good game, liked it a lot. A big shift from SR2 with pros and cons, but on balance I like it about the same. The combat is pretty impressive for the time, but the dialogue isn't quite as great as the previous games.


Finished Soul Reaver 2, loved it. Moved on to Blood Omen 2, but quickly dropped it. It's really bad. So now I'm playing Defiance, and I'm getting whiplash from how much better it is. And the combat is not only really fun now, it actually has depth too!


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