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The online servers for Forza Horizon 1 and 2 are being shut down on Aug 22. A sad day, but the online features for both games haven't worked right for ages anyway. Maybe someone can set up a custom server one day.


An arrange album for the CrossCode soundtrack just came out, and it's got some real bangers on it.


Today is the 15th anniversary of DMC4!


We still doing arbitrary metal Tuesday?


OneShot is finally out on consoles! A great little game more people should check out. It's got a great little story and does a lot of interesting things with the medium.


Best part of the Direct wasn't in the Direct.


A demo for this just came out on Steam, and I thought it was really impressive. The movement feels great. Never heard of it before. Being a Stadia exclusive until now is probably why.


This mod has been around for a while, but it just got updated. Used to use AI upscaling, now using the actual original source textures.


10 years ago today we were blessed with #Darksiders2 and the world was never the same again.


The secret of the Nier Church revealed!!!


Finished off the Gungrave anime today. It was pretty good. It diverts from the game quite a lot, but it was actually at its best when it did.


Played through the original Gungrave today. Actually a pretty fun little game. Short, sweet, and stylish.




Finished God Hand today. A game I've been meaning to get around to for ages. Didn't like the tank controls but the level of customisation over your abilities was really cool. A lot of goofy fun overall.


Completed Lost in Random today. Surprised how much I enjoyed it. It also spent 15 hours building up to a single pun.


Does anyone around here have Forza Horizon 1 with the Rally DLC that would be willing to help me with some multiplayer achievement hunting? Would return the favour of course. (bump)


Finished off replaying Ico today. Even 20 years later, it's a really special little game.


No prizes for guessing my most played Wii U game.


Finished MGS4 today. Wow, what a game. Maybe my favourite of the series so far.


It is the winter solstice. Go play OneShot.


Just beat Halo Infinite. Originally I wasn't even going to play it after the mess of Halo 5. I went in very sceptical but was pleasantly surprised, it's pretty good. Still a lot of problems but I had fun with it.


With Infinite out I've got Halo on the mind again, and damn if this series doesn't have some absolute bangers.


My Switch didn't get much use this year...


Anyone else having trouble with Disqus on the front page? I can comment on Qtoid but it won't let me log in on the FP.


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