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Etrian Odyssey 3 boss music You

So yeah, Etrian Odyssey 3 is out, and with it comes the glorious caress of Yuzo Koshiro's music on our ears. Dance with the Stratum guardians to this melody:


My thoughts on this glorious day

Gotta say that this is going to be one of my favorite E3 conferences of all time. I don't even consider the cringe-worthy demonstration of Skyward Sword as a downer, because (as I predicted, by the way) on the hands-on reports, even the N...


WNBUT: Viera and E3 Edition

So I finally got back around to picking up Final Fantasy XII again. After a short bit of re-acclimating myself to the game, I progressed to the end of the Eruyt Village chapter, which I thought was rather neat. Fran's farewell in particul...


Junichi Nakatsuru: Why you should know who he is

Junichi Nakatsuru is a name not commonly recognized in the video game landscape. Whenever the discussion of elite video game composers arises, you'll never see his name listed, either. Which is a shame. Nakatsuru works for Namco, and he'...


Red Dead Redemption get: Biggie Smalls edition

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got RDR, and so far I'm really liking it. I've already died once and as a result ended up going in a completely different direction than before I was slain (who knew putting up your dukes was enough ...


What Novakaine's Been Up To (WNBUT): Forget FF 13

Ironically, Jim Sterling (who usually earns my ire) basically summed up my feelings about Final Fantasy XIII in his review, so I think I'm done trying to put up with the game after having only gotten about six or seven chapters in. (I disag...


Why I Love Etrian Odyssey's Music

A lot of people can justify their affection towards something with an answer of intangibles. "It's just good," or "I just do." These answers are great all on their own, but I've always been one for argumentation, so I always shoot for a way...


I love bad voice acting [with videos!]

While bad voice acting rightfully gets the living tar kicked out of it, I must admit that I am very appreciative of bad voice acting for the limitless laughs it provides us. My PSN friends and I dick around while playing deathmatch by pulli...


Playing FF 13? Nah, I'm playing FF 12!

The words "Final Fantasy" have been buzzing across the Internetz, all surrounding the U.S. release of Final Fantasy XIII. But it's not this new blockbuster which I'm playing--no, I'm playing an important game in my backlog, the Final Fanta...


Mercenaries: Reunion is a scam

Why the hell can't I use the rest of the Mercenaries crew?! I buy this to find out I can't pair up Tribal Sheva and Heavy Metal Chris? Come on Capcom, I know you're greedy as fuck, but come on. Would it REALLY be that hard to make a super M...


Vanquish (Mikami HD game) new details

Vanquish, Shinji Mikami's upcoming HD project, recently got some press in Famitsu, where we got some scans for a handful of in-game images. The game is confirmed to be a third-person shooter, and in particular, when Shinji was asked to des...


PSN is Dead

As I posted on the forum... "So it would seem that there's a huge problem with PlayStation Network. I was playing Heavy Rain about twenty minutes ago, and my game froze and crashed. "Oh well," I figure, "I have an old PS3, I'll just let it...


New NHM Paradise teaser (plus: I want an OVA)

True to No More Heroes fashion, the teaser is a whopping 16 seconds in length. Oh well, any NMH is good NMH. At least artist Yusuke Kozaki is getting more work, since he was commissioned to draw more character portraits. Speaking of Koza...


Dead or Alive 5 on PS3?

PlayStation blog PlayStation Lifestyle has done some rumormongering, bringing attention to a page in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine. The magazine is predicting that the next installment of Tecmo's Dead or Alive series will appea...


My Top Soundtracks of 2009

The new year has dawned upon us, but there's no reason to stop the list wars fun. For today, I'll list what I believe were the most remarkable video game soundtracks of the year 2009. In no particular order.... 7th Dragon 7th Dragon is ...


My humble hopes for 2010 games

Unlike many other gamers, I actually have quite a small set of personal demands I'd love to see answered in the new year. As a poor, busy college student, gaming time is rare for me unless it's between semesters. Because of this, I only g...


Novakaine's Top 10 Games of the Decade

The decade has come to a close, and what a decade it has been for video games. In the spirit of things, I've put together my own best of the best list, although this is not a so much a treatise on game progression through the decade so much...


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