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Just hit the credits on Wo Long. Overall a great game if you like Nioh mixed with Sekiro. 9/10. That being said I do have one minor complaint that I'll leave in the comments because spoilers.


Man, Lu Bu is so fuckin' cool. I don't even care that he's kicking my ass six ways to Sunday.


Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is so fucking good. Pic unrelated.


Oh boy, I can't wait for that Nintendo Direct!


Just finished Evil West and hot damn is that a fantastic PS3/360 game.


Beat Pokemon Violet. Probably the best Pokémon game yet and holy fuck did it need another year or so of development and voice acting. I give it an out of place Ed Sheeran song/10


Beat NFS Unbound. A very solid racing game but holy shit did I hate the soundtrack.


Oh yeah Elden Ring was a thing for a while.


How the fuck does NFS Unbound not have an AE86? Absolutely trash street racing game. -3/10


Yeah, that tracks.


Current status:


So I fell through the map in God of War and I learned that you never stop accelerating when falling. I am now 5,000 kilometers below the map and falling at a speed of roughly 10,000 m/s or about 22 thousand miles per hour.


Just finished All Quiet on the Western Front(2022). A damn good movie and I highly recommend it.


Man, beating Star Ocean: The Divine Force made me want to replay Star Ocean 3, which is the best Star Ocean.


Just hit the credits in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Overall it was a pretty good experience despite some performance and UI issues. Waaaaay better than Integrity and Faithlessness. Also, it's kinda nice playing a jrpg that isn't 80-100 hours long.


People complaining about the HZD remaster rumors saying they should remaster Bloodborne instead are forgetting the Playstation IP that ACTUALLY deserves a remake.


Had a random thought in the shower. If these type of animated training films were still being made today there is a non-zero chance of a Vtuber learning how to operate various weapon systems.


I decided to try Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Now I'm over a billion dollars in debt and loving it. 9/10.


Ate some Carolina reaper beef jerky and my lips are partially numb. Feels good man.


I tried the Wo Long demo and can confirm it is 180 AD Chinese Nioh.


Holy FUCK this game is satisfying.


Current Status:


Watched RRR. Holy fuck I was not prepared!


Welp, just hit the credits for Sunbreak and all I can say is "Yep, that's certainly more Rise alright". At least they finished the story before releasing it this time. 8/10


They just don't make them like they used to.


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