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Battle Tanks (2022): I'm trying to space out my original music links because I feel like when I post too many in a row, it gets overlooked. Also remind me not to release a song on April Fools :p


This song makes me happy. Just felt like sharing.


Final Form (2022): Not much to say about this one. Another boss battle song in the books for me :p


Imperial (2022) - I started working on CHIPS V. This is the second song for the album. Written in 7/4 time. I decided to go nuts with instruments. No 8-bit system limitations. See what I come up with.


Phi (2011): CHIPTUNE SOLOOOO! :p This is another favorite of mine from the album "From Alpha to Omega". I think it has one of the best solos I've ever written. The main song is great, too. Very energetic. It was originally called "8-bit Criminal".


Off the Rocker (2012): One of the longest songs I ever wrote (9:11). Separated into sections based on the 5 stages of grief. Each section is in the key of the stage, (D)enial, (A)nger, (B)argaining, (D)epression, and (A)cceptance. Very complex song.


Theta (2011): One of my absolute favorite jams on my second album "From Alpha to Omega", where I wrote a song for every letter of the Greek alphabet. I just love the combination of instruments, and the piano chords.


Man, this is annoying to have to say. I may need some help to get to the end of the month. I was getting extra food stamps because of covid, but now I’m not, and i don’t have much money for food. EDIT: Everything is fine. Thank you for helping me out


Enigmatic by Design (2014): I wonder if most of you heard this song already. It was one of the first songs I wrote to receive full lyrics (not in this song, can't sing). Also, it doesn't repeat like video game music. One of my favorites.


New Album ANTHEMS 2 has been released. 16 tracks, free download (or pay what you want). This will be the last time I advertise this album. It would mean a lot if you grabbed it :) Thank you


ANTHEMS 2 has been released on Bandcamp. 16 tracks. Free to download (or pay if you want). Attached song is "To Blaze a Trail (Chimpomagee)" one of my finest works. Whole album is fire. Enjoy :)


I'm wrapping up ANTHEMS 2. If you requested a song, I never got your song data (1-3 songs + song title). I may do an ANTHEMS 3, but it won't be until the second half of the year, possibly later. I'm starting to get burnt out a bit.


Roll Credits (Seeeeeeth) (2022): Today is my birthday (41). Plan is GF might get me Five Guys (Weather permitting) and a friend might drop by. Based on your responses to my previous Qpost, looks like I'll be getting Kirby before Elden Ring. Fun times :)


I mentioned a while back that my birthday was coming up soon (same day as daylight savings, does that mean I don't get a full day? :p). My girlfriend said she would buy me either Elden Ring, or new Kirby. Which should I choose? Elden ring sounds awesome:P


Reservations at D'Orsia (PatBateman17) (2022): I am getting close to the end of ANTHEMS 2. As far as I know, I still need data from Morty, Inquisitive Raven, and AtomicBanana (you don't have to give up your spot). Other than that, 5 confirmed songs.


Insanity (2022): Written for a friendly competition on a music discord I'm a part of. The theme is odd time signatures (basically no 4/4). The song alternates between 7/8 and 9/8. Hope everyone is doing well.


The Path to a Better Society Through Sparkling Water (JohnnyViral) (2022). That Kirby demo was a great deal of fun. I might have to pick up the game next month if I can afford it. I also want Elden Ring, but I seriously don't know how good I'll be at it.


It's Me, Your Son (2022): My birthday is this month (March). I won't tell you what day it is specifically, but I will say it's the most annoying day of the month for many people :p But I'll Spring Forward and keep writing music!


Dear Father (2022): I'm working on an album to acknowledge the 25 year anniversary of my father's death, coming up on November 9th. He would've been 70. The songs will form a "letter", and the music will be written from the top of my head on the spot.


I've been trying something new. Trying to grow a beard #SelfieToid ... Also, is Funkotrons Finest around? I wrote them a song and would like to know what they think. Elden Ring sounds like an awesome game, not sure if I CAN play it though.


Funk and Whimsy (LinkSlayer64) (2022): I really enjoy this song, it feels very mysterious to me. I'm fixing to play a ton of games after I finish this album. My GF works from home now, and I'd like to avoid going downstairs so they gotta be PC games :p


These are my stats. I remember playing Smash Wii U a ton. Also Animal Crossing New Leaf. The stats are a bit skewed since my girlfriend played Alpha Sapphire on my 3ds (while I played Omega Ruby). Good times.


I've been a little slow putting out new music recently, and I apologize. I know I don't have to apologize. There's no due date on any of it, I just feel bad. I'm distracted by other things mostly, including saving money on my internet bill :p


TERROR & TRIUMPH (Soulbow But Louder) (2022): Song is not finalized. I'm posting it hoping they will see it and let me know if it's good to go.


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