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Slice of Life (Bread Spread): Now's a good time to share this song as any ;) I wrote this for Agent9 some time ago, and was given permission to share it back in June of this year. My favorite type of bread is YES, PLEASE btw.


Walking in Circles II is live on Spotify and probably other streaming services. I'm really proud of this album, because it's complete. The original Walking in Circles didn't have all the songs I wanted on it. Been playing ESO, good times :)


For those interested, Walking in Circles II has been submitted to digital stores and streaming services. I'll provide some kind of link once I know they're up. Been playing ESO with my GF, good times. Can't afford FFXIV so this is a good alternative.


I've decided to change my musician name to "PA$H with a money sign for an S and an Egg on a Burger". Rolls right off the tongue :p In other news, I'm finally developing a bald spot on the top/back of my head. I usually shave my head so it's no big deal.


The Dark War (2019) - One of the songs I originally wrote before I knew how to use piano roll (as in I used to play this live). It's a very hectic song, live piano version in the comments.


Rainy weather got me feeling more down than usual. In other news, I was somehow able to queue solo for the most recent story trial in FFXIV. It's difficult to play with strangers for me. I have tons of optional content I haven't done yet because anxiety.


It's about time I updated my look in FFXIV. Been having fun with the new patch. I got Rank 10 on my island, everything is fully upgraded. Running the new dungeon with trusts to get tomestones to buy new gear. Working on my anxiety playing with others.


Above the Fog (2022): Written for a friendly competition on a music discord I am a part of. The idea was to write a song for the attached image. I went with something heroic, as to say that this person made it to the top by traveling through the fog.


I apologize in advance, and I realize this happens once or twice a year, but I need financial help again. We haven't quite recovered from my GF's unemployment period. Details in comment. No obligation, bills will just be late. Bump 3 of 4.


Rancid (2022): Sorry I haven't been posting much. Most posts I have made recently, I've hidden because once again I feel like I'm just taking up space on this site. Depression is annoying. I hope everyone is doing alright. I'm trying to get better.


My new album "Walking in Circles II" has been released. 13 Tracks, free to download. I also wrote out the Walking in Circles story in the long blogs section for anyone interested.


The Story of "Walking in Circles"

Hello. I'd like to share some details on the story of Walking in Circles, since I released a new album called "Walking in Circles II". Walking in Circles is a story idea I came up with back in around 2009 or 2010. It's about a man tryi...


Drifting Through My Imagination II (2022): Long title, yes. Good song? Also yes, probably. The album Walking in Circles II has been released. 13 rearrangements. Free to Download :)


Abstraction II (2022): Based on a really old composition I did called "Abstract ~for orchestra~". Sounds really really good. Not as good as the original but hey, those were different times :p It took me twice as long to work on this piece than any recent.


#Caturday Maya has been coming over to me and just sitting at my feet all proper and looking up at me like I have something to give her :P


Mazeophobia II (2022): Always remember to save often. You never know when the power will cut out. I didn't lose power thankfully, but I stopped work on the song and took a nap while the storm passed. Song came out pretty good, I feel.


Universe of Dreams II (2022): Bonus song in comments (when this posts on my end). I'm using this opportunity to take the best parts of the original versions of some of these songs and combining them with newer ideas. Coming out pretty cool.


Theory of Mind II (2022): I enjoy revisiting old songs. I think Walking in Circles II (album) is going to turn out awesome. For Theory of Mind, I changed a few notes to make it a more positive listen compared to the original.


Walking in Circles II (2022): I'm going to remake the album Walking in Circles (2011). I think I can create a definitive version with songs from both the original and Ad Infinitum I - Alphadeus (2012) albums.


Soothe and Groove (2022): Song for Spectrum III. At first I was thinking it was just a jam song, but it really grew on me and I like it very much. I think working on video game music remixes is improving my original music :) I hope you enjoy.


Alphadeus Cover - The Dawn (Contra Hard Corps): I'm trying not to become a hermit. I really am. I beat Bloodstained to the best of my ability. Had 99.90% of the map, took me hours to find the missing room :/ But I got it. I really like this type of game


I think the FFXI "Return Home" campaign ends today at around 11am eastern. I'm contemplating tossing them at least 1 month sub, and I want to do a world transfer. After reading up on it, I'll probably move to Bahamut, as Asura is very crowded.


Waking Nightmare (2017) [Raptor Lancer]: One of the coolest songs I've ever written. You ever fall asleep and have a dream loop of waking up over and over, trying to get out of bed, but it all being a dream, only to find yourself still in bed? It's crazy


Eternal (2022): Threw down this jam earlier today to try to break my streak of not writing music for almost 2 months. I have a lot of inspiring sounds to look through. Just need to get back on the composing horse ;)


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