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I listen to my music a lot. Listening to the old Songs for Gamers albums makes me sad, because a lot of people I've lost contact with, or they disappeared. I'm really glad you guys are around still :) Maybe I'll write more music for the community


Pearl the Noble (2023): I'm back on Adderall, which means I can start writing music again. I tried to write stuff while off the med, but it just doesn't work. I can't sort out the noise in my head.


Went to my doctor today. Got a lot of medical stuff scheduled. Got my flu shot and most recent covid vaccine I was missing. Also figured out a way to help GF pay her portion of the rent. I bumped this Qpost with all the medical details.


Good news: Adderall has shipped, should be here in a few days. More Good news: recent donations to the gofundme have covered the cell phone plan. Worrying news: No word from unemployment. If they don't respond by the 5th of April, we can't pay full rent.


The further I get away from my last adderall, the harder it is to channel this seemingly unlimited amount of mental energy into anything productive. I really hope they replenish soon. This could be another year where I only release like 1 or 2 albums :(


My girlfriend was let go from her job on the 1st of Feb. She put up a GoFundMe. Unemployment should respond soon, but it's getting close to the end of the month and some bills aren't covered :/


I feel like I haven't posted in a while. I'm finally affected by the Adderall shortage, so I've been withdrawing the past 4 days or so. Mostly headaches, which ibuprofen seems to help with. Still waiting to hear from unemployment. Download an album! :p


Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had been checking my phone all day, and just about every time, there was a new post to make me feel warm inside :) I'll keep you posted on my health (seems ok atm), and our financial situation, hopefully with good news.


I don't know if it's stress from the situation, or my bad habits finally catching up to me, but I feel like my heart is going to give out sooner rather than later. It's usually nothing, but if it's something, thanks for the love and support over the years


I've done a lot in Theatrhythm so far. I've played every song + DLC on expert and ultimate. I'm slowly improving at ultimate, even dipping my toes in some Supreme songs. Still having a great time after 130 hours of play time. Hope everyone is doing well.


Man I am not doing well at all. After my last drinking session back on the 3rd, I woke up and my heart was racing. Really fast. It's fine now. I guess I gotta stop drinking. Things are not looking good with my GF either money-wise :/ Feeling bad.


Sitting here drinking my one bottle of alcohol a month (this month is port). Sometimes i feel life isn’t as bad as i think it is. I’ve had my traumas. Lost family, friends, and a cat. It’s hard to keep going, but i can’t forget the good people. <3


I didn't think it would be possible, but I got the Platinum trophy for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. The hardest one was getting to level 20 in endless quest mode. Before this post, I also needed to perfect chain the 5 top hit's (not sure if in a row).


Oh Snap Cereal: This video in particular (uploaded by my streaming distributor) has over 1,000 views, almost 80 likes, and a few comments. It was a pleasant surprise to see. The views are dying down, but it was kind of nice to get attention.


There are two things I can always count on. One is my friends here at Destructoid being cool people talking about video games, and the second is my abacus.


I'm starting to get into ultimate in Theatrhythm. I managed a perfect chain of 536 notes in FFVI - Battle to the Death. Pretty good first attempt. It may never happen again :p I'm almost always prone to missing at least one note.


I completed all the series quests in Theatrhythm. Some of them took a lot of trial and error, and a few had me go to reddit to use certain team comps (I have all characters level 99). I only have 3 trophies left to platinum the game. Can I do it? :p


If it wasn't obvious from my previous qposts, I absolutely LOVE theatrhythm. It's just a fun experience. I do have one concern, it's a personal one. I'm not finding ultimate "fun". I like a challenge, but this game is weird to my brain, makes it work hard


I absolutely destroyed Theatrhythm on expert. Played through all of the songs including the DX/DLC stuff. I don't know if you can make out this image, but the beat all non DX/DLC songs trophy is like 0.2% (getting higher though). Proud of myself :)


SWARM (2019): I wrote this song after a dream I had, where I was at some kind of schoolyard, and it was being attacked by a ton of huge bees. In other news, Theatrhythm is coming out very soon. I don't know if I'm going to stick to expert or try ultimate


The Abstraction (2012): I might've written about this song before, but I want to share it again. The song tells a story about a ship being pursued by pure darkness/evil. Each section is a different part of the chase.I might go into full detail in comments


I'm happy to report that after 13 hours of playtime, I'm finally starting to figure out the ultimate charts in theatrhythm. The supreme charts will forever be out of reach :p Also, I finally got switch online + expansion, so I'll be playing warioware :p


I'm not the only one that remembers the price of old cartridge games, am I? FFIII SNES cost my father damn near 90 dollars with tax brand new. I'm not saying prices should go up. But games used to be quite expensive for what they were.


I pre-ordered the regular Deluxe edition of Theatrhythm (not the super deluxe :P). It comes with the bonus tracks + season pass 1, which will cover me for the first few months. I put over 10 hours into the demo. I'm gonna have a blast with the full game.


I am extremely excited for Theatrhythm on PS4/Switch. Especially looking at the Song List (can't seem to link to the blog). It's important to note the DLC will be spread out over months. I'll probably pick up the Deluxe version instead of the Super Deluxe


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