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Reckless Optimism (absolutfreak) (2022): The music I have written so far for this project has exceeded my expectations. This song is just magical, I feel. If the first four songs are any indication, dis gonna be a good album :p I'm happy to be doing it.


Thank you for showing love and support with my newest tracks for ANTHEMS. It means a ton to me. I'm trying to overcome my bad habits (when needed) and write music that is less repetitive. If you want a song, please see my post history. Thanks :)


The project ANTHEMS has entered the "Collecting information" stage. I reserved spots for people that responded to my Qpost. Basically I write you 1 song based on the requested info. Buump.


Have a Theme Song Written For You! (ANTHEMS)

Greetings. I am Alphadeus. The guy that posts all the original music. I'd like to start up a new project I'm calling ANTHEMS. The idea is I collect some basic information from you, and use it to write you a song. I've done this before ...


I'm very likely going to work on it soon. I want to bring back the project where I write theme songs for you guys (Calling it "Anthems" this time) how many people would be interested? Anyone would be eligible, as this is technically a new project. Bump.


Happy New Year :) I'm gonna head back to the music factory to create more music for everybody. I wrote a lot of music last year. I don't know if I can put out as much, but I'll focus on quality over quantity. Much love.


While I did not get anything for christmas, I am eternally grateful for the support I received for the 2 GoFundMes over the year. Without it, there's no telling where I'd be. Thank you with all my heart. :) I hope next year is full of great music.


Sleigh Ride (2019) - Merry Christmas :D Once again sharing my favorite song I just had to do a cover of :)


This year, I've released 7 albums, and 1 EP. They're all on my Bandcamp Page. The video in this post is probably my favorite song "Boss" from CHIPS IV. Hope you all had a wonderful year. Next year I will write more


I decided to release Magic Coins Gold Volume 1. 32 tracks. Free to download. I'm taking a break from music for a little bit, but I plan on writing 2 more volumes for this project.


FFXIV Endwalker is an amazing experience, and I'm so happy to have been able to play it. The music is absolutely wonderful, and I'd recommend songs but they're ALL spoilers :p I managed to queue solo for the trials, which is very hard to do. I'm so happy.


Due to bad circumstances, we had to start another GoFundMe, this time to be able to pay rent, bills, and food. My GF is almost broke, but she starts a job next month. Until then, we almost reached the goal. Last Bump.


I, um, this is mine. AMA if you want. I feel like this is one of those "I have some questions..." moments. :p


I released a 4-track EP called "Chill". Something to listen to while I work on Magic Coins Gold. I may have 1 full album planned before 2022. I'd like to talk about something personal in comments.


Personal Time (2021): Really good song, commissioned by Retrofraction. "Sitting on the toilet in the bathroom on my cell phone" music :) If you want me to write you music, let me know and we can work something out. I have quite a portfolio :p Thank you.


Trouble -Event- (2021): General dramatic "I'm in danger!" music :p I didn't do much of anything yesterday. I started intermittent fasting again. Maybe this time I won't get the shingles :p


With All Your Might -Battle- (2021) : This is an older song, but I'm posting it because I like it :) and I never posted it. 1st General battle song for Magic Coins Gold. I'm still working on the album. 26/100 complete so far. Having a great time.


I seem to ask this around this time every year. I'm looking at the music instrument sales and I'm sad I cannot afford anything. I don't want to ask for donations, so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in music commissions. It's not a huge deal.


Evil Scheme -Event- (2021): I wrote this melody back in the late 90s, and I finally get to use it. I'm referring to the synth lead. In other news, FFXIV Endwalker music single came out today. Bought that in a millisecond :p Enjoy your day!


Her Highness - Sarina -Character- (2021): I've been feeling a bit discouraged lately. Not so much with my music itself. It's coming along great. I just live off of feedback and comments, and I'm starving :p This song is for 1 of the 6 heroes of the story.


Story of the Magic Coins (2021): (Happy Birthday Alpha#1!) Also known as "Secret of the Coin" and "Secret of the Crest", this song has evolved into something very special, and if you only listen to 1 song on the new album, this is the one to listen to :)


Devastation -Event- (2021): A song that plays for the imaginary RPG Magic Coins Gold whenever an area is destroyed by the Zars Empire.


The Wise Dragon - Orion Firestone -Character- (2021): Song written for the father of the characters Tyler and Dracon. This project is exciting, because the real story hasn't even begun yet :D and there are already 10 tracks. I hope it makes sense tho.


Conflict in Space -Battle- (2021): The first 9 tracks are written for Magic Coins Gold. Under normal circumstances, I'd write a 10th track and call it an album, but I'm shooting for exactly 100 tracks :) It's going to be huge.


About Alphadeusone of us since 4:33 PM on 04.02.2012

I am Alphadeus. Local gamer and music writer. I've written over 800 unique original songs, many of which have remixes or rearrangements.

I have written music for over 140 people in this community in the form of "Songs for Gamers" albums, which are on my Bandcamp page. They definitely show off my range of genres.

I have been here a very long time, since around 2008 or 2009. I did not start blogging until 2010 or so. I nuked my original account, so a lot of my history is gone, but I've been back for a while as well.

I play casual games mostly. Bejeweled, Final Fantasy XIV, Animal Crossing, Diablo III, and others. I'm 40 years old (as of 2021), and have been playing games most of my life since Atari 2600.

I highly recommend you check out my music sometime. It's the best part of me. It is mostly in the style of video game music, but I mix it with different genres.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Bio.