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I don't have an update on the lump on my throat. However, at the same time, a mass was forming under my right armpit, at first causing a small amount of pain, but today it hurt like hell, so I went to the ER. It's an abscess and they drained it.


I'm thankful for all the people in my life, especially those that consider me a friend. I often feel isolated from everyone else, living in a bubble where I cannot reach out to other people. But I can always come here and love and feel loved. Thank you.


Peace Offering (2020): Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it :) If not, happy day regardless :p I'm having trouble finishing my next 2 albums, but I'm sure inspiration will strike at any moment. Might pick up a synth that specializes in SNES sound.


Cat as Trophy (2022): I don't like this time of year. So many insane music product sales, and I cannot afford anything. If there was ever a time to toss a coin to your local electronic bard, now would be it :p Health news in the comments.


I'm positive I mentioned this before, but Linkin Park's Reanimation album is one of my favorite albums of all time. The remixes felt more powerful than the originals. This song is my favorite. I had this album in mind when I made Walking in Circles II.


Depression and anxiety are a really big problem for me. They almost always prevent me from playing a game, and even writing music. I have to jump through mental hurdles just to load a game up. Anxiety stops me from playing multiplayer games. I hate it.


I know I'm late to the topic at hand, but I did in fact vote early via mail-in ballot. I've just been drunk sleeping all day. Today is the 25 year anniversary of my father's death, and I feel okay. Writing that one song helped get out a ton of emotion.


Zars (2022): Not content with an entire album of music for my dad. I wanted to write at least one more song, to let out the emotions I feel. I, at the very least, lived out 25 years with the knowledge my father gave me. I hope to live longer, we'll see :P


I'm having trouble holding things together as I get closer to the 9th. Reminded of the days before my father died, and how there were signs I missed that could've changed everything. I hope you have photos of your loved ones. I only got the 1 I showed you


Due to my limited funds, I can usually only do one or two things for fun. I can sub to FFXIV (I have max retainers so it's like 30 something bucks a month), maybe buy a full-priced game (This month is Tactics Ogre). I don't think there's anything else atm


I give up on social media (except Dtoid, this place is my jam :p). Social media makes me sad. I prefer live chats like Discord. I miss the old days of the internet. Shit I miss the old days in general. Nov 9th is the 25 year anniversary of my dad's death.


NES Music! That numbers game I did with my songs was neat. I got to hear some songs I haven't heard in a while. One thing is that the list of songs doesn't include remixes, remakes, or sequels. So the entire Walking in Circles II didn't count among others


So I keep a spreadsheet of all the unique original songs I've written (905 songs). If it interests you, choose a number from between 1-905 and I'll try to link to that song. There are small gaps that aren't online, so I'll link to the closest one above.


Boat or Fly (2022): Making an exception to my no promoting individual song rule because I think this song is pretty awesome. Written for Conundrum and Bass 3. I'm losing interest in ESO somewhat, but I don't know what else to play. I have options, though.


I'm tired of promoting my music. So I have good news. You'll hear a lot more non-music stuff about me from now on. I may share when an album is released, so no worries about my mental health. I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online (Champ 400). Pretty fun.


New Album: Dear Father has been released. 6 Main Tracks, 6 Piano Tracks. Free to Download. This album is dedicated to my father, who passed away on 11/09/97. The 25 year anniversary is next month


Song #900 - Since You Left (2022): I decided to repurpose the piano music I wrote for Dear Father as bonus tracks for the album. I'm going to write 6-7 songs as the main album. This is song #4 for the album, and my 900th song. Anyone want to celebrate? :p


Slice of Life (Bread Spread): Now's a good time to share this song as any ;) I wrote this for Agent9 some time ago, and was given permission to share it back in June of this year. My favorite type of bread is YES, PLEASE btw.


Walking in Circles II is live on Spotify and probably other streaming services. I'm really proud of this album, because it's complete. The original Walking in Circles didn't have all the songs I wanted on it. Been playing ESO, good times :)


For those interested, Walking in Circles II has been submitted to digital stores and streaming services. I'll provide some kind of link once I know they're up. Been playing ESO with my GF, good times. Can't afford FFXIV so this is a good alternative.


I've decided to change my musician name to "PA$H with a money sign for an S and an Egg on a Burger". Rolls right off the tongue :p In other news, I'm finally developing a bald spot on the top/back of my head. I usually shave my head so it's no big deal.


The Dark War (2019) - One of the songs I originally wrote before I knew how to use piano roll (as in I used to play this live). It's a very hectic song, live piano version in the comments.


Rainy weather got me feeling more down than usual. In other news, I was somehow able to queue solo for the most recent story trial in FFXIV. It's difficult to play with strangers for me. I have tons of optional content I haven't done yet because anxiety.


It's about time I updated my look in FFXIV. Been having fun with the new patch. I got Rank 10 on my island, everything is fully upgraded. Running the new dungeon with trusts to get tomestones to buy new gear. Working on my anxiety playing with others.


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