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Best Moments Of The VGX

Ok, this is going to be a really shitty blog, but i really want to talk about this funny event that unfolded yesterday (i was laughing through the whole thing), so i'll "write" it real fast. My main goal is to make this the official VGX blo...


How to bypass Twitch on Dtoid

First option, suggested by Destructoid's CEO, Hamza: Switch to blog style. Just go here:�http://www.destructoid.com/user_edit_display.phtml Honestly, i don't like the blog style, it takes like twice the time to browse through articles. Se...


My Landlord's Top 4.5 H.I.D.D.E.N. G3ms

Ok, first things first. I made this blog with the sole purpose of spreading the following message: Disable the goddamn Twitch Autoplay, you dicks. Update 1: Also the fucking blog editor sucks harder than Jim leaving for a second time. ----...


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