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3DS Friday Night Fights: Deep Purple Edition

Fancy, thy name is Midnight Purple. In case you're new to Friday Night Fights, I'll sum it up: It's basically a bunch of Dtoiders getting together to play some games. Pretty simple stuff. If someone has a game that they want to play onli...


3DS Friday Night Fights: BLOWIN UP Edition

Whoa! When did that happen?!? As Wolfy and I discovered last week during FNF, our Mariokart community seems to have, to use the parlance of our times, blown up. I'm not sure if it was featured somewhere, or just recommended on the Mariokar...


3DS Friday Night Fights: Brevity Edition

Suffice it to say it's been a really weird week. It's a bit late in the day as well, so please forgive the lack of general topic this time. Oh look; we're back. After a short hiatus (which wasn't intentional) the 3DS is back on its nubs ...


3DS Friday Fight Nights: 10 Things Edition

Everyone is getting in on these. So here's 10 totally factual facts about the Nintendo 3DS. They're sure to get you Ready To Friday. 10. It has glasses-free 3D. I'm serious, u guiz! 9. It still has no way to directly message your frie...


3DS Friday Night Fights: Debut Blog Edition

We made it Well hello there! I suppose it's time for the 3DS to get in on some of this cblog organization, eh? We don't want to look silly in front of our console and PC brethren. So, here we is with our first portable playlist for Friday...


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