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Looking back at my qposts I feel sad seeing how hyped I was about bayonetta 3 and ending up not even finishing it....also I was dead wrong about stardew valley! Bonus semi clairvoyant post in the comments


Welp things seem to be evolving pretty fast! I'll make sure to check out this cohost thing asap


Why was always online a good idea again? I had about 45 minutes to spare today... I guess I'll finish the ffxvi demo


Are we done with the summer of non-e3? Since I basically missed every stream except for a few biys here and there I might aswell wait for it to be over before I try to get up to date


Reddit communities are going dark for 48 hours to protest the new policies regarding third party apps. I didn't care much when twitter started burning but this one hurts


The eshop summer sale has begun


Is it me or the epic store makes the free games appear with a little bit of delay on the home page? (With the intention of getting people to actually look at the store instead of rushing to the free game exactly like I do every single week)


Let's see if qtoid breaks again: Amnesia a machine for pigs is free on gog!


This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


I-it's fixed? Edit :I can't post pictures apparently


If anyone is interested, the kill la kill game is currently €1.99 on the eshop. I only tried it for a few minutes but it looks like it might be entertaining


Saw the first slam dunk yesterday. I'm not big on sports anime but I really liked that one. I was glued to my seat even though I already knew how it was gonna end


A silksong update for your consideration


Is humanity beyond saving? Except the Juri guy, he's the only sane one.


Ok folks, please dissuade me from getting the Stanley parable ultra deluxe for 10 bucks on the eshop. Extra difficulty :I loved the original game


Hey everyone, have a nice


I tried the monsyer hunter board game, it's fun and more importantly easy to pick up. The statues are gorgeous (but my friend had a couple broken during shipping :/ )


I'm having trouble with the FP articles, clicking the "join the conversation" button does not open comments. Is anybody else experiencing this or is it a problem on my end? EDIT: a little update in the comments (for lack of space)


Oh gee nintendo isn't that too much padding for a package that needs to travel TWO FUCKING COUNTRIES?


I discovered that I can try spiritfarer via netflix on my phone. Let's hope that my nugget can handle it


Heads up Europeans, if you registered to get updates on bayonetta 1 physical on switch you should check your email. I just completed my order, this time they had a proper queue system and even verify you're effectively in the waiting list with a code


Ok qtoid, let me ask you this: Would Gorion be proud of your actions? HMMMM?


Got signalis for switch! It comes with a lenticular picture that I'm sure means something once you play the game


Got to watch Akira in the theater yesterday, the big screen and sound system really do it justice. The last third of the movie still makes no sense tho. I also got a neat freebie!


Anyone here has anno mutationem for switch? I've tried the demo and liked what I've seen, is the performance good enough?(I'd rather get it for Switch than PS5) I don't really care for the thirsty outfits but I hopefully can ignore them completely


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