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I discovered that I can try spiritfarer via netflix on my phone. Let's hope that my nugget can handle it


Heads up Europeans, if you registered to get updates on bayonetta 1 physical on switch you should check your email. I just completed my order, this time they had a proper queue system and even verify you're effectively in the waiting list with a code


Ok qtoid, let me ask you this: Would Gorion be proud of your actions? HMMMM?


Got signalis for switch! It comes with a lenticular picture that I'm sure means something once you play the game


Got to watch Akira in the theater yesterday, the big screen and sound system really do it justice. The last third of the movie still makes no sense tho. I also got a neat freebie!


Anyone here has anno mutationem for switch? I've tried the demo and liked what I've seen, is the performance good enough?(I'd rather get it for Switch than PS5) I don't really care for the thirsty outfits but I hopefully can ignore them completely


Little one has a fever, so instead of doing house work I guess I'll have to cuddle with her under the blanket with my switch UGH FML


The fact that when I search for a direct/state of play on youtube I have to wade in tons of REACTION, RECAP, PREDICIONS and OH MY GOD THEY REALLY ANNOUNCED THAT? videos before finding the actual stream makes me unbelievably angry


Just got done with resident evil welcome to raccoon city: while far from perfect I think it's the best rendition so far. (not that the bar was set particularly high)


Did you see that ludicrous display last night?...what? Wrong football?


Game of the year nominee my ass:literally unplayable!


I'm usually not one to brag but I bet y'all are jealous of my new shadow the hedgehog fidget spinner(?)


PSA: following may the 9th,you won't be able to redeem the PlayStation plus collection games to your account. They will remain playable for active plus subscribers who previously added them to their library. I'm in the EU, can't say for other regions.


So my last Microsoft console was an xbox 360...did master chief ever finish the fight?


Didn't devolver digital make fun of microtransactions and mobile games a few years ago? Tumble time sure has all the mobile games staples (limited plays, 10 different currencies ,gacha..)


I'm looking at you God of War


POV: You just found a light theme user's apartment


Current post holiday feast status


Another year went by? I swear they make them shorter or something these days. Happy new year dtoid!


Happy whatever you celebrate! I'm about to start lunch, pray for me!


These posts are also a good way to exchange gamertags (or whatever sony calls them)!


Huh. Despite my gripes with the game it managed to be my most played of the year


Sooo the new bayonetta games is up for preorder and it's 60 europe dollar-adoos. It's early to judge from one trailer only but I'm firmly in the "wait for a sale" territory


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