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In addition to my recent technologies woes, I've also got a package stolen from me for the first time ever. What a week!


Narita boy is free on gog if you agree to <s> sell them your immortal soul </s> sign up to their newsletter, link in comments edit :pretend there's a strikethrough there!


I seem to have developed some kind of anti technology field, this morning I discovered that the used phone I just bought is password protected and a few minutes after my laptop started shooting BSODs, I sure as hell ain't switching my ps5 on today!


Glad to see that the new autoplaying widget I see in articles has news hot off the press (and it also likes to freeze my browser a lot)


Never change japan.


I may have gone a bit too wild with my spending but it's worth it! Fortunately it only happens once a year


At a con, not drunk yet. Is bueno all the same


Boy that's a big box!


Nintendo finally put bayo 1 for sale... A whole 4 copies I think because it was sold out 5 minutes after I got the link. This stuff is really getting on my nerves!


Controversy shmortoversy, where the hell is bayonetta 1 Nintendo?


ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT (and I'll be out of town that weekend)


Eu Nintendo store is down again, what did they put in sale this time?


My adblock finger's getting really itchy.... (it somehow even overrides firefox's autoplay block )


Uhh am I doing something wrong or is Chris' watcha been playing the last news article on the fp? No videogames happened since then?




In the hopes of being helpful,I'd like to report that qtoid works fine on firefox for windows 10, while on android I get that log in issue and clicking the comment baloon opens the qpost in a new page instead of loading the comments below the post


It's October 6th,where's the bayo 1 physical release nintendo?


I've been linked a survey regarding the future of legacy of kain, will link it in the comments (it looks legit)


The election results are in and...I foresee a miserable time ahead


I don't understand what's going on with bread and at this point I'm too afraid to ask. Also today I turned 41 and feel old as shit


I just saw the trailer for the suikoden remakes, suikoden was my first JRPG a my eyes legit welled up a little


Getting some chaos legion/astral chain vibes. I can't wait to play it! Edit:age gated booooo!


You heard it here first fellas:bayonetta 3 demo out right after the direct! Source: I'd really love if they did it, it would be rude not to since I'm asking nicely


WHAT'S IN THE B-oh wait... (it was 66% off, how could I say no?)


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